College Applications

Getting into college is stressful…

…and it’s not just about grades and test scores.

As competition for your child’s dream school heats up, the emphasis on extracurricular activities intensifies. Sports, clubs, music… you name it! Students are filling their schedules. Parents encourage their sons and daughters to immerse themselves in activities both to broaden their children’s interests and because it will look great on college applications.

But the ribbon that ties it all together is the ability to differentiate yourself from your peers. Colleges and employers expect applicants to articulate the knowledge and skills they have acquired inside and outside the classroom. Without the ability to clearly and powerfully convey what sets them apart, a student’s personal story and unique qualities become less impactful and marketable. Our training methods help participants to feel empowered with both a growth mindset and the newfound skills to confidently engage face-to-face. Through four interactive and fun programs, kids discover and successfully communicate their most persuasive selling points.

One-to-one coaching


Interview training

Interview Preparation

If you want to get in… you’ve got to stand out. 

♦  Differentiate Yourself: Identify and utilize your strengths to stand out from your peers

♦  Nail your First Impression: Exude confidence and establish credibility with your personal elevator pitch

♦  Send Compelling Emails: Grab the attention of college admission reps and employers with engaging virtual communication skills

♦  Crush the Interview: Impress the interviewer from the college of your dreams, land a great internship, or score your perfect job

MindsetGo equips young people with the essential communication and social skills they need to succeed personally and professionally. We help students discover their personal message and what makes them stand out. Our students work with professional broadcasters and learn skills that cannot be found in any college prep course or from a career counselor.