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Parenting Workshops: Communication for Life Series

If there was only a roadmap or a training manual to know how to effectively parent adolescent children. The MindsetGo Parenting Workshops provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment to help parents navigate the path to impactful communication with their children. Through active participation, parents learn new techniques to improve their ability to connect and engage with their kids, ultimately improving the whole family’s quality of life. There are no requirements to participate in these workshops beyond being excited to learn and expand your parenting skill set. Led by Mark Altman, participants will join a diverse group of parents who engage in role-playing, group discussion and dramatizations that simulate situations parents face every day.

Workshop Series topics include:

Talk and Listen with Empathy

Expressing Support, Belief and Love

Apologizing and Using a Growth Mindset

Reducing Conflict and Finding Common Ground

Talk and Listen With Empathy

Empathic listening and face-to-face communication are integral to building stronger relationships with your kids.

Do you know how to model empathy for your kids?

Do your kids share willingly what’s going on in their lives?

Do you really know how they feel and how to communicate with them most effectively?

Is your child’s primary method of communication through their phone or social media?

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The Talk and Listen With Empathy workshop provides tangible tools, tips and strategies to:

CREATE a safe and supportive communication environment

SEEK empathy and support from your kids

INSPIRE your children to share what is going on in their lives

STAY CONNECTED during transitions and challenging times

MODEL AND EMPOWER kids to be involved in decision-making

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Mark AltmanMark Altman is a single parent of three who has successfully navigated and trained adults on effective co-parenting, raised and taught children with special needs, and runs a leadership program called L.E.A.P (Listen, Experience, Act and Progress) that coaches kids to support other kids in efforts to build confidence and promote self-advocacy. He has also been a youth sports coach for the last 15 years and developed the Parenting: Communication for Life Workshop series to help parents and their children better talk and listen to each other resulting in stronger relationships. Learn more about Mark.

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Mark’s suggestions and ideas regarding communication with teens transformed traditional mindsets and challenged parents to look at their communication styles in a new way. He offered simple and practical solutions to effectively parent teens that we can apply immediately. The workshop was a huge success!

– Yvette Normandin Whitesell
Director of Student Services, Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School

I attended one of Mark’s Parenting Your Teen workshops and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked the fresh ideas presented, and the role-play conversations. The activities, modeling and collaborative discussions really worked and made it fun. Mark made the most of the varied personalities and perspectives and kept the discussion interesting and engaging.

– Julie Bolduc