Is your child’s primary method of communication through their phone or social media? Does it ever feel like despite how hard you try, you can’t get your kids to express themselves and share the important ups and downs going on in their lives. When kids are little, they crave our attention, but when they get older, their priorities and interests lie elsewhere. Improve your ability to support your kids throughout their adolescence and enjoy the opportunity to learn and expand your parenting skill set.

The MindsetGo Parenting Workshops provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment and offer strategies to foster impactful conversations with your children. Through active participation and collaboration, you will learn new communication techniques to connect and engage with your children. Led by Mark Altman, participants will join a diverse group of parents who engage in role-playing, group discussion and dramatizations that simulate situations parents face every day.

Mark Altman is a single parent of three and works with parents and families to help them better relate and connect with one another through a non-therapeutic approach. Through empathic communication and listening, Mark coaches parents to more effectively model the behavior they seek from their kids, create an open and honest communication environment and reduce conflict through support, belief and confidence.

Mark also personally navigates and trains adults to successfully co-parent. He has raised and coached children with special needs and runs a dynamic leadership program called L.E.A.P (Listen, Experience, Act and Progress) that empowers kids to build their confidence by advocating for themselves and others through fun and engaging activities. He has been a youth sports coach for the last 15 years and is passionate about helping parents and their children better talk and listen to each other resulting in stronger relationships.

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Workshop 1: Talk and Listen with Empathy

Empathic listening and face-to-face communication are integral to building stronger relationships with your kids.

After participating in this workshop, you will walk away with the following set of strategies and the confidence to use them:

CREATE a safe and supportive communication environment
SEEK empathy and support from your kids
INSPIRE your children to share what is going on in their lives
STAY CONNECTED during transitions and challenging times
MODEL AND EMPOWER kids to be involved in decision-making

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Workshop 2: Expressing Support, Belief and Love

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Workshop 3: Apologizing and Using a Growth Mindset

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Workshop 4: Reducing Conflict and Finding Common Ground

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