If you want to GET IN… you’ve got to STAND OUT

Mindset Future Workshop – Differentiate Yourself

When students apply for colleges and jobs, they won’t conduct interviews through their smart phones. When they negotiate pay raises and discuss projects with employers, they need to exude confidence and demonstrate the ability to think on their feet. When they interact in the workplace or are developing professional relationships in college, they must be able to converse with their peers, co-workers, family and classmates. If the majority of their conversations happen through a screen, how will they develop the ability to effectively communicate face-to-face.

This Mindset Future Workshop has three levels that are designed to help students articulate the knowledge and skills they have acquired inside and outside the classroom. A student’s personal story and unique qualities become more impactful and marketable with the ability to clearly and powerfully convey what sets them apart.

The Ultimate Differentiator: Colleges and universities can read an essay or review a transcript, but they don’t know the true essence of a student until they look in their eyes, see their passion and learn why they are unique. In Level 3, students incorporate everything they have learned in Lessons 1 and 2 and receive personalized coaching so they walk away with a video they can submit to colleges, employers or internships by creating a visual sales pitch.

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Workshop Descriptions

Mark sees the best in everyone and is always trying to help kids of all ages maximize their potential. He very quickly identifies and develops the interests and passions of all his students, especially through his gift of knowing how to connect and engage with people. After forming these relationships, Mark works to make each person he teaches the best version of themselves and he is an unparalleled coach and mentor.

– T.J. Horgan, On-Air Talent – Ithaca College Television
Mindset Future Alumni

Mindset Future is a perfect fit for the soft skill portfolio for every high school student. Clear and focused speaking, interacting with peer and adult individuals, making one’s self stand out as a unique individual, initiating and carrying on conversations are all essential life skills.

– Jeff Koopman, Former Curriculum Director
Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School