Is Your Graduate Ready to Adjust to College Life?


Our interactive workshop offers recent high school graduates various simulations that they are likely to encounter during their first semester of college. Students will collaborate with peers to practice and develop interpersonal skills making them better equipped to cope with increased freedom, responsibility, and relationship changes with family and friends.

MindsetGo provides the tools to thrive as students adjust to living away from home.

Students will learn new communication techniques to develop the following skills:

Self-Awareness: Understand yourself and your influence on others.

Engagement: Build and strengthen new relationships with your peers.

Face-to-Face Communication: Manage and resolve conflict.

Active Listening: Interact comfortably and establish new connections.

Empathy: Read body language and understand social cues.

Bonus! Attend this Workshop and Receive

Networking strategies for jobs/internships.

Tips on How to identify and join the campus organization that is right for you