Today young people are more comfortable communicating through technology than face to face. The Mindset Communicate Training Workshops feature subjects children love like sports, music, entertainment, news, fashion, and popular culture, to provide invaluable communication skills and engage a generation that relies on texts and social media as their primary means of communication.

Mindset Communicate workshops

The Mindset Communicate workshops offer fun, interactive learning environments that teach “Generation Text” how to talk using TV broadcast skills. Our innovative learning strategy utilizes the camera to motivate and allow participants to see and hear themselves as the world sees and hears them.

Our inaugural programs in the Mindset Communicate Series are called Communication for Life and Sportscaster Training. These programs are available in-person or online and can be completed at your own pace.

Inspiring Generation Text to Talk

Our Communication for Life training program develops:

  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Focused Thought Process
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Social Skills – First Impressions
  • Self-Awareness
  • Active Listening Skills

Our proven methodology is successful because we identify and feed the interests of young people while providing positive reinforcement in a fun comfortable learning environment!

Feed your child's passion for sports!

In addition to the skills your child learned from Communication for Life, our Sportscaster Training program develops:

  • Professional Sportscasting
  • Color Commentary
  • Game Storytelling
  • Play by Play
  • Interviewing
  • Show Hosting

Our methodology also uses TV sportscasting skills to train while feeding the sports appetite of today’s youth.