Mindset Communicate helps kids to:

Collaborate with professional coaches

Differentiate themselves

Be more confident on camera

Communicate More Effectively

Become better speakers

Be their most confident selves

Our Sportscaster Training Program allows your child to learn by doing the following:

  • Broadcast Your First Sports Report
  • Play by Play and Color Commentary
  • Game Announcing
  • Receive Professional Coaching
  • Interview Pro, College and Amateur Athletes
  • Sports Karaoke

Whether training in-person or online, proceed at your own pace. At the end of each lesson, participants will be challenged to create a video that is reviewed by our team of professional sports broadcasters who act as mentors and coaches. But wait there is more…

MindsetGo is pleased to announce its partnership with 47 Brand, one of the top sports fan wear designers in the world.

In addition to Sportscaster Training, experience and access to professionals, your child will also be rewarded as they achieve various milestones throughout their training. Our participants earn bonus points that can be redeemed for merchandise from their favorite sports teams from the 47 Brand.

Sportscaster Training Workshops

Does your child eat, breathe, and talk about sports non-stop? Are they constantly watching sports, watching Sportscenter, or are they doing play by play during video games? Now you can feed your child's passion for sports and prepare them for the real world.

The in-person Sportscaster Training Workshop is comprised of three progressive levels called ``Rookie``, ``Varsity``, and ``Broadcaster.`` Your child will learn how to build their personal identity and confidence through sports and begin to learn the skills of a sportscaster. Each level is six hours but comprised of two hour sessions. Our workshops are taught in multiple locations at flexible times in groups or one on one.

Soon after enrolling in the Sportscaster Training program, you will see measurable results in your child's poise, self-esteem, interpersonal communication skills and their self-confidence.

Although teaching young adults interpersonal communication is our passion, our Mindset Communicate Workshop Series are also perfectly suited for corporations, small businesses, educators, and business professionals. Please visit our other workshop series called Mindset Sell.