Professional Coaching

Mark’s Coaching Philosophy

Mark differentiates his approach by engaging clients through interactive learn­ing. His success is based on the simple concept that it’s not just WHAT you’re taught, but HOW you’re taught, that creates lasting change and inspires professionals to trans­form how they communicate. With over two decades of experience, Mark has supported a diverse group of professionals across various industries. His clients value his versatility and recognize him as a sounding board, thought leader and intuitive listener.

Mark has three simple goals when he works with clients at any professional level. First, stay focused on the future and use our respective previous experience as valuable resources. Second, by remaining objective, he helps clients discover their own path through guidance and support. Third, Mark doesn’t just coach his proven methodology, he ensures clients know how to effectively implement these techniques to improve individual and in-turn, team performance.

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Why Hire Mark?

Our coaching consultation includes a simulated role-play of an actual situation/scenario you have struggled with. Mark will also explain how he will help you and why the investment will be worthwhile.

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What Working One-On-One With Mark Is Like

Simple ApproachSimple/Actionable Approach.

You will develop new skill sets and improve existing ones. Mark will pinpoint the improvement tools and techniques that will work best with the context, problem, and individual.

IntelligenceEmotional Intelligence.

Mark identifies patterns, triggers and underlying behaviors that derail your performance. Our discussions will center on your professional challenges in the here and now, and focus on immediate solutions to overcome those challenges.


Mark is committed to helping you become confident and successful personally and professionally. He expects the same level of commitment from you.

Direct FeedbackDirect Feedback.

Mark will show support and understanding while being honest and straightforward with you. Some of the suggestions he’ll recommend may be hard to swallow. However, they will also be good medicine.

Excel at verbal, active listening and visual communication techniques to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

Interview Confidently

I found Mr. Altman to be a kind, knowledgeable and a talented teacher who cares about his clients. He helped me open my eyes and see a new way to interview. Anyone who wants to improve on their communication skills, I recommend hiring him as your coach.

– Janice vonFettweis
Account Executive, Gatehouse Media

Your steady guidance, quick thinking, and words of encouragement have been life savers. You’re a bargain. Thanks, Mark. Your guidance has been superb.

– Daniel Cardozo
CEO, Ethix Ventures