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Build and improve the skills to successfully engage with customers, prospects, colleagues, and co-workers.

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At MindsetGo, we ensure value and create lasting change by inspiring professionals to transform how they communicate. Our trainers strengthen and develop essential interpersonal skills so executives, managers, employees and millennials with career aspirations, know what sets themselves and their companies apart.

Our prime objective is to be the most imaginative and resourceful training company in the world. We want our customers to feel justified when they choose to partner with us by exceeding their expectations and delivering tangible tools, techniques, and improved skill sets to immediately improve performance.

Our founders’ 20 plus years of experience training professionals to help companies grow and thrive is based on his philosophy that human beings learn best and make the most lasting change when engaged in an interactive learning mode. Our practical and flexible training methods allow for active participation, practical exercises, and role-play scenarios through a customized approach that simulates your work environment.

*Our programs also include a follow-up session that highlights specific areas for additional practice and skill development. Your time frame, program of choice, and audience experience level are all factors for how we tailor the subject matter and format to deliver the most value.

Mark excels in training companies how to service their customers by creating sales opportunities and great loyalty through training employees to more effectively engage with each other and the customer.

– Dave Theriault
CEO, Elite Envelope

Mark combines his entrepreneurial spirit with passion and energy that has led to great success engaging managers and employees. He has the ability to make the people around him better including myself. It has been a pleasure to know Mark professionally and personally.

– Mitch Rose
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Partner Solutions, Billltrust