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Exceeding Expectations

Mindset Customer training and coaching programs are designed to partner with companies who are striving to improve interactions and relationships with their customer base. We empower customer-service teams to better retain customers while also identifying additional sales opportunities.

We educate managers and/or their teams with impactful communication skills training allowing participants to excel at building strong and sustainable relationships. This training leads to enhanced abilities in resolving conflict, recommendations for adapting to different communication styles and strategies to improve listening skills.

MindsetGo trainers will empower managers and employees to leverage satisfied customers by learning how to upsell, open doors for the sales team and generate proactive referrals.

Outcomes from the workshop include:

Mark excels in training companies how to service their customers by creating sales opportunities and great loyalty through training employees to more effectively engage with each other and the customer.

Dave Theriault, CEO, Elite Envelope

Mark was able to understand our challenges rapidly. He brought innovative solutions that helped us improve the service our customers were receiving. With his training, Mark helped put the company on a more goal-oriented path.

Scott Von Luft, Custom Chemical Formulators