Mindset Engage Building Relationships

Mindset Engage: Face-to-Face Communication Builds Relationships

Engaged employees have better attitudes and are more committed to the company mission. Engaged customers are loyal, invested and willing to spread the word. Mindset Engage strengthens the various relationships a company depends on by developing interpersonal and fundamental engagement skills.

Managers and employees train to become a team of confident and effective communicators. Our experienced communication coaches offer tangible tools, techniques, and methods to nurture leaders who can:

  • Inspire staff/co-workers to take aligned, effective and productive action
  • Express ideas and needs clearly and confidently
  • Establish buy-in and engagement from team members
  • Provide effective feedback through empathic speaking and listening
  • Improve customer retention by utilizing intonation and passion
Build Relationships

Mark combines his entrepreneurial spirit with passion and energy that has led to great success engaging managers and employees. He has the ability to make the people around him better including myself. It has been a pleasure to know Mark professionally and personally.

– Mitch Rose
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Partner Solutions, Billltrust

Mark lives what he teaches and that has been very inspiring to me as we’ve worked together. He is an excellent communicator, so he leads and coaches by example, which I really respond to. He has a firm understanding of the growth mindset and his enthusiasm and expertise in this area could be what has helped me most. Hiring Mark to improve my ability to engage customers and my team has had an immediate positive impact on me both professionally and personally.

– Glenn Paradise
CEO, Noonan Creative