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Mindset Millennial: Bridging Communication Gaps


Advance Your Workforce

A weakened company culture, deteriorating interpersonal skills and adherence to negative stereotypes have become the primary threats within a multi-generational workforce.

By 2020, millennials will constitute 46% of the working population. According to data from Source Global Research, $60-70 million per year is spent on integrating millennials into the workforce. Mindset Millennial helps both the corporate side and the millennials themselves to adapt their communication styles while focusing on relating and connecting with one another.

Strengthen Connections & Maximize Potential

Millennials are assumed to struggle with an inability to integrate into the workplace, lack of motivation and company loyalty. Not true. They are motivated differently than previous workforce generations. Mindset Millennial strengthens relationships, reduces turnover, increases productivity, improves company culture, and empowers your entire team.

Company leaders are better equipped to connect with and support millennials to be key contributors and expand their skill sets. Participants from each side engage in five-hour training programs that include workplace simulations, coached practice sessions, and group activities.


5 hours of training for Management side

5 hours of training for Millennials

2 hours continuous learning

Recommended For:

Company Leaders, Executives, Managers/Supervisors, Trainers HR Departments that hire or work with millennials, Millennials


Tools and Strategies

Skills Learned:


Company Leaders and Millennials learn to:

Company Leaders learn to:

Millennials learn to:

Continuous Learning

Our programs also include two hours of additional training/coaching that highlights specific areas for additional practice and skill development 30-90 days after the program is completed.

Instructional Approach