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Mindset Speak: Find Your Voice

Being able to effectively convey your thoughts and ideas impacts how audiences perceive your credibility, knowledge, confidence and persuasive skills. Regardless of the presentation format, public speaking is the skill that most professionals unfortunately lack the tools or confidence to develop.
MindsetGo differentiates itself from other public speaking programs through experiential learning and utilization of a growth mindset to overcome your fears. Coaches will use video-recorded playback of simulated presentations and review past performances to target specific areas of development. Our experienced trainers guide professionals to find their voice and hone their speaking style to gain comfort and ease while presenting in any situation.

While people typically associate public speaking with microphones and large audiences, MindsetGo also trains clients to be effective speakers for:

  • sales presentations

  • interview skills

  • video conferencing

  • company meetings

  • networking

Whether you are trying to build or improve these skills, learn to express yourself clearly and confidently while developing credibility and trust from your audience. Personalized coaching or a group workshop will support your goals to:

Organize thoughts

Simplify messages

Craft a story

MindsetGo was recommended to me because I needed help preparing for a board presentation, my first ever public speaking opportunity for an industry tradeshow, and a video interview all with different audiences and media. MindsetGo prepared me and coached me through presentation creation, developing key talking points, and my overall presence. Mark and his team offered a positive and supportive atmosphere and it was clear from the first day, that the team at MindsetGo was invested in my success. I will be working with MindsetGo for additional presentation coaching and would recommend them without hesitation to any working professional.

Valerie R. Vallancourt, Vice President of Marketing, Outsell

I just wanted to say thank you for the great public speaking training! I honestly thought it was one of the best workshops I have ever taken! I have used my newfound skills for recent interviews and feel more confident when I go speak in public now!

Michael Palmer, Framingham State, Student