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The approach to sales has changed. Most people find themselves selling at one point or another every day as they share viewpoints, suggestions and solutions. Our ability to sell ourselves effectively is inevitably shaped by our family backgrounds, education, experiences and personalities.

MindsetGo provides structured advice and impactful sales training through our Mindset Sell Workshops. You will learn essential sales skills and strategies, which will allow you to distinguish yourself from your peers and your competition. We will educate you on a comprehensive methodology of how to create a buying vision for your customer, whether it be personal or professional.

The secret is your mindset. Changing your mindset from wanting to sell to wanting to help will ultimately help you overcome objections and build your confidence.

Sales Workshop Offerings

Introductory Workshop! How To Nail A First Impression

Five seconds. That’s all it takes to make or break a first impression. You may know how to make a positive impact on a personal level, but what about professionally? In this activity-based workshop, we use a video camera to motivate participants to improve how they engage with others. You practice a proven approach to overcome your anxiety and angst. We also equip you with three simple steps so you can communicate trust and value.

Finding Gold: Prospecting for Prospects

Before you determine who the actual decision maker is, you will have to navigate through the dreaded gatekeeper. Most gatekeepers have heard every line in the book. Their primary role is to protect the time and schedule of the decision maker(s).

Our Cold Calling Workshop trains participants to get past the gatekeeper.  We also explain key cold calling tips and how to apply them to target customers and prospects with proven guidelines and scripts for cold call conversations.  When and how to leave a voice mail is also explained.

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Use effective power phrases to gain appointments
  • Implement strategies to bypass gatekeepers
  • Obtain different outcomes than only an appointment
  • Organize and implement cold calling scripts
  • Respond to standard cold call rejections
  • Execute email and voicemail strategies to support your efforts

Learn From Your Mistakes…No Really!  How to Reject Objections

It is critical to know how to respond when your customer has objections to your selling points.

MindsetGo presents the LEAPS WORKSHOP, which trains participants on effective techniques to overcome objection.

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Reframe perspectives and pivot direction
  • Make little things big and big things little
  • Echo and Summarize the prospect’s concerns
  • Provide the heavy lifting
  • Identify deal breakers and distractions
  • Know how to read, assess and respond to body language

It Never Hurts to Ask:  Aggressiveness versus Assertiveness Training

One of the biggest conflicts people face when selling is not being able to discern between being aggressive or assertive.  You will learn the MindsetGo four-step process to be a confident and empowered communicator. The only true difference between manipulating someone and persuading someone is your intention. The best sellers are crystal clear in their intention to help and serve the customer from the very beginning of the relationship. Learn how to win and achieve long-term success without it being at the expense of others.

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Make requests without fear or anxiety
  • Learn how to say no without feeling guilty
  • Resolve disputes
  • Provide the heavy lifting for prospects
  • Deal constructively with different personalities
  • Make non-verbal communication a powerful ally

Closing Time: Finishing Up What You Started

There are no magic words to seal the deal. If you have connected with your prospect, know your product and truly understand their pain centers, there is no need to use gimmicks to close the sale. At MindsetGo, we believe there are two central concepts that relate to being an effective closer. Efficient messaging and engaging your prospect, being a story teller and being able to paint a picture of how your prospects’ life will change and building trust and applying logic to make the sale and keep it.

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Solicit objections
  • Tips to solidify trust
  • Empathize with your prospect and the company
  • Use emotion to close the sale
  • Apply logic to think ahead
  • Differentiate yourself so you don’t sound like every other salesperson

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