Professional One-to-One Communication Coaching

Our private, one-to-one coaching supplements our diverse communication workshops. Receiving personal attention is ideal to support and maximize individual learning styles as well as to focus on specific skills, which you may have identified in one of our group trainings.

Working with our expert trainers, you will practice targeted skills through activity-based learning while receiving valuable guidance and feedback.  You will experience and walk away with specific tools and techniques that are best suited to your communication style.

Even if professional communication is currently outside of your comfort zone, your coach will give you invaluable help building confidence, delivering your message and maximizing your results.

Our personal coaching aims to make your communication more impactful by working toward mastery of the following vital communication skills:

  • Maintaining eye contact and speaking clearly
  • Using voice training with proper inflection and intonation
  • Organizing thoughts, simplifying messages, building arguments, and crafting a story
  • Maximizing use of non-verbal skills
  • Smiling and engaging
  • Avoiding gap fillers (“um”, “ah”, “like”, “so”)
  • Practicing proper enunciation and clarity
  • Actively listening and recognizing social cues from your audience

MindsetGo Coaching is flexible. We offer four convenient ways to meet including: in-person, Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts. Sessions are scheduled in one or two hour increments with discounted time blocks available.

Presentation Skills Coaching

Do you want to know how to sell yourself and influence others? Do you have an important, upcoming presentation or interview?

MindsetGo Coaching helps you overcome any anxiety and/or fear while improving your ability to connect with your audience and deliver your message.

We coach: Interviews, presentations, auditions

Broadcast Communication Coaching

Do you host or produce your own talk show? Not yet? Do you want to?

Our MindsetGo trainers have accumulated more than 100 years of commercial television, sports broadcasting and radio experience. They guide you through every step of the process including: Talk Show Hosting, Voice over, Multimedia Journalism, Interview techniques, Broadcast Journalism, Teleprompter practice, & Play by Play and Color Analysis

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