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One-to-One Communication Coaching

Our private, one-to-one coaching supplements our diverse communication workshops. Our coaches utilize fun activity-based training techniques that are geared to support your child’s specific learning style and experience level.
Our coaches work with parents, teachers and other key people to cooperatively assess verbal, non-verbal, and listening skills. By providing valuable guidance and feedback, our trainers build enthusiasm, encourage growth, and motivate students to step out of their comfort zone and start along the path to becoming a confident communicator – for life.
We help each student recognize and develop the following areas:

Working with our expert trainers, students will develop and improve by practicing targeted skills, make regular, recorded presentations, and review them with their coach.

MindsetGo Coaching is flexible. We offer four convenient ways to meet including: in-person, Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts. Sessions are scheduled in one or two hour increments with discounted time blocks available.

Presentation Skills Coaching

Does your child want to know how to sell themselves and influence others? Do they have an important, upcoming presentation or interview and you want them to shine?
MindsetGo Coaching helps your child overcome their anxiety and/or fear while also improving the ability to connect with an audience and deliver their message.
Although public speaking is a skill we use daily, there are special situations that feel more stressful than others.
We coach: Interviews, presentations, auditions

College Prep Coaching

Coming soon!