Sportscaster Workshops

Do you eat, breathe, and talk about sports non-stop? Do you constantly play or watch sports? How about participation in Fantasy Sports leagues? Now you can feed your passion for sports and prepare for a possible career in sports.

Our workshops use a fun, interactive approach to learning by using a TV camera to motivate and allow participants to see and hear themselves as the world sees and hears them. You will gain self-awareness and improve by practicing targeted skills, make regular, recorded presentations, and review them with a trainer. Our expert trainers have accumulated over 100 years of professional communication experience at APA, ESPN, Channel 5, NECN and other prominent media outlets.

The Sportscaster Workshop Offerings:

Rookie Workshop Series

Sport is unscripted athletic theatre where the outcome is unpredictable and some times miraculous. The “Rookie” workshop series exposes our participants to the roles of sports broadcaster and sports talk show host. Our methodology is based on IPIE, which trains how the impact that emotions, rhythm and pattern have in speech. You will learn how to do an open and close for a sports report. Experience how to conduct one-to-one interviews as well as the exciting challenges involved with hosting a sports talk show. This includes learning how to express and validate opinions while engaging an audience. Participants are also taught how to ask the right questions in order to receive insightful answers from coaches, GM’s, players, and print/electronic media.

The “Rookie” level wraps up with you presenting on video why sports is your passion.

You will walk away with the ability to:

  • Open and close a sportscast
  • Carry an engaging interview with open-ended questions
  • Speak clearly and project their voice
  • Maintain effective eye contact while on-camera and speaking to audience
  • Using IPIE to communicate emotions in sports broadcasting

Varsity Workshop Series

No matter what job you do as a sportscaster, you will use your voice, but if 90% of communication is non-verbal, how will that affect your connection with the audience? The “Varsity” workshop series coach participants on how and when to effectively employ nonverbal communication in the world of sports broadcasting. Whether it is a shake of the head, an eyebrow raised, or body language of any kind, non-verbal behavior communicates emotion to your audience and reinforces your verbal messaging. Additionally, participants’ ad-lib skills will be challenged with announcing play-by-play of activities ranging from baseball games to cooking dinner. Finally, you will learn how to voice over highlights like a pro. The voice over is the staple skill of every sports anchor at any level, whether you at a local network affiliate doing local high school sports, or a regional sports network, or ESPN.  

The “Varsity” level wraps up with you presenting a sports report through a video presentation.

You will walk away with the ability to:

  • Ad-lib and be more comfortable thinking on their feet
  • Convey their message in less words without losing meaning
  • Deliver a voice over
  • Demonstrate the proper balance between verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Tell better stories with an effective, vivid description

Broadcaster Workshop Series

Play-by-play is the most highly-coveted, rewarding job as a sportscaster. When the ball is snapped, first pitch is thrown, puck is dropped, you are the connection between the audience and the story that is unfolding in front of you. The “Broadcaster” workshop series will equip you with all of the tools needed to perform this job at the highest level. Coupled with the in-game calls, sports broadcasters must be able to write powerful scripts that are delivered naturally before and after the most crucial games. Sports anchors who do their own writing (Like all ESPN anchors), are always more comfortable reading their own words.  In this workshop the participants will be writing leads to major sports events and championships. You will also learn how to pick highlights from a game that is recorded and logged via time code. These are the key skills that are used on a daily basis by sports reporters and anchors in sports departments all over the world.  

The “Broadcaster” level wraps up with you calling play by play of a non-sports event through a video presentation.

You will walk away with the ability to:

  • Craft a concise and eloquent game story
  • Recognize clichés and knowing how to avoid them
  • Effectively prepare for broadcasting any game or show
  • Deliver fact-based, researched opinions
  • Demonstrate play by play

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