Talk Show Enrichment Program

The Lights, Camera, Communicate series features fun and engaging activities designed to improve communication skills and encourage students to let their personalities shine on camera. Beyond getting comfortable and feeling confident on camera and in front of a group, participants learn how to inject emotion into speech, engage with their guests, and captivate an audience by mastering the art of storytelling. Kids have a blast sharing their passion. Participants will benefit from newfound confidence presenting themselves and their opinions while being more at ease making and participating in conversation.

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A Sneak Peak of some MindsetGo Webcast Shows

Back Talk Sports

The show for anyone who lives and breathes sports (any sport) as a player, a fan, or both!
Great for aspiring, future sportscasters.

Back Talk Blend

The show that you Host or Co-Host with your friends. Talk about movies, music, fashion or any other entertainment topics you're passionate about.

Back Talk Tonight

The show where you get to make the audience laugh. You can poke fun at news, use sarcasm, or share your opinions about anything you want.

The “Insert Your Name Here” show

Create your own unique show. Share your passions or your interests.
It’s time for you to shine!

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Lights, Camera, Communicate: BE THE STAR of YOUR OWN SHOW!

Do you love to laugh with your friends and watch funny YouTube videos?  Are you always talking about movies, music, fashion, or sports?
Find your voice and share your passion. Develop all of the elements of a live talk show so you can provide fun and interesting commentary as you step into your role as Show Host. Pick your co-hosts, guests and how you want your show to look, sound and feel. Have a blast expressing your ideas while learning how to build an audience of fans and followers.

“Lights, Camera, Communicate: BE THE STAR OF YOUR OWN SHOW” was not like anything ever offered in our district. However, as the Director of after-school enrichment programs, Mark convinced me to take a chance. Not only was the first session fully enrolled, but is also engaged its middle school enrollees right from the beginning. Even those students who were not sure about being there, came around within the first class and were active contributors to the full process. Mark is an animated and interesting instructor who knows how to get the best out of his students.

– Pat Keefe, Director, Wayland School Community Programs

My daughter loved the MindsetGo program that Mark taught her in Wayland. She was already involved in theater, and this workshop really helped her with her stage confidence and eye contact. Mark was a vibrant and fun teacher for teens. She enjoyed every class and always commented on how much fun she had! I can already see her generalizing her newfound skills when she meets new people and as she speaks with more confidence. Thanks, Mark!

– Carol, Wayland parent