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Akash Altman

College Essay Coach

Akash Altman is completing his first-year at Brown University studying engineering. His high school accomplishments included leading and facilitating school-wide diversity and inclusion initiatives, finishing as salutatorian and being a member of the National Honor Society. Akash thrives as an essay coach by showing students how to shine while helping them develop their personal story, using his recent experience to guide others towards their college goals. Altman joined MindsetGo in 2016 because of his belief that the power of interpersonal communication in the 21st century is not only a tool for differentiating oneself, but a vital skillset to reach one’s full potential.
According to Akash: “It is my strong belief that schools are looking to see you – the real you – in addition to a well-written essay and stellar test scores. The Mindset Future training at MindsetGo is the best ways to learn to present the ‘you’ that not only colleges want to see, but that you are proud of.”

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