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Andy Cahill

Student Coach/Trainer

Andy is a professional educator with a master’s degree from Harvard and more than fifteen years of experience working with high school and college students. He has personally supported hundreds of students, and the programs he’s led and consulted on have reached thousands more, helping them succeed, graduate, and enroll in world-class universities.
According to Andy: “I am a zealot for designing and facilitating transformative educational experiences, and I love helping people discover their own innate potential. I believe failure is just a (terrible) synonym for learning, and I focus on building a strong teacher-to-student relationship designed to cultivate trust, foster growth, and encourage a learning mindset. That’s why I’m excited and honored to partner with MindsetGo as a coach and facilitator. Effective communication is a rare and precious skill, and Mark and his team have designed incredibly engaging and effective methods for teaching this skill to students and professionals alike. At MindsetGo, learning is a process, not just product, and every single session is tailored to ensure that participants get hands-on practice and personalized feedback. If you’re ready to let go of your fear of public speaking, impress your peers and colleagues, and unlock your true voice, then you’re ready for MindsetGo.”

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