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At the age of 18, Brandon started his first entrepreneurial venture, acquired his series 6 and 63 investment licenses, and became President of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Shortly after, he leveraged his communication skills to raise over $10,000 to fund his semester abroad and reach over 3,000 readers on his blog. Committed to a life of continuous improvement, Brandon is on a journey to build himself as a leader, friend and entrepreneur.
According to Brandon: “I am an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others become the best version of themselves. After attending a MindsetGo workshop in 2014, I identified with the mission of the company and was inspired to join the team in their mission to build confident communicators. Mark recognizes the advantages of possessing top-level soft skills and he believes the world needs a generation that can utilize their communication skills to lead us to a brighter future. Joining the MindsetGo team gives me an opportunity to be part of the team striving to solve a significant problem in a world where we are losing our ability to effectively communicate.”

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