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Creating compelling moments onscreen has always come as second nature to Director of Video Marketing Tony Simonetti. A graduate of Emerson College, Tony is an award-winning storyteller with a blend of side passions for marketing, leadership and music. His resourcefulness, warm demeanor, and tireless enthusiasm consistently drive results for our clients. In 2010, Tony started his own freelance post production company, Blue Sun Productions, which specializes in branded content, event recaps, & narratives. He is a certified user of Avid Media Composer and is fluent with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, & Final Cut Pro 7.
According to Tony: “As someone who is actively trying to change my habit of relying on my phone to communicate, I can personally relate to the decline of strong oral communication skills, and it brings me such delight to be a part of a company that is devoted to reviving that all-important life skill. I have devoted the past 10 years of my life to the art of video storytelling because I believe that a video of any kind, be it promotional, a training video or even a video resume, has the potential to impact one’s mindset and future success. Storytelling and engagement are crucial to almost any form of video, and developing those skills are what MindsetGo is all about.”

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