Talk to Strangers…please?

“Don’t cross the road without looking both ways”, “Don’t talk with your mouth full”, and above all else, “Don’t talk to strangers.” The first two teachings still make sense when it comes to safety and etiquette; however telling kids of all ages not to talk to strangers anymore is no longer black and white. After [...]

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What Gives?

It seems an awful lot of advice is coming through on what our habits we need to stop or start as this New Year begins. I don’t know about you, but I know what I need to change! So, while I reckon with that, how about we talk about HOW to change the habits or [...]

What Gives?2018-01-11T20:41:52-04:00

A Participation Trophy that Matters

Bashing participation trophies has become a time-honored tradition. It allegedly leads to entitlement and hides our kids and future generations from the harsh realities of the real world. Full-disclosure. I am a parent of three children, long-time coach for 15 years in many sports while raising three kids and the thought of participation trophies was [...]

A Participation Trophy that Matters2018-01-10T09:07:57-04:00

Talking Out Of School

Your child may be amongst the smartest or best looking in the room, but can they successfully communicate their ideas and thoughts successfully with confidence and purpose? With teenagers relying on texting and social media as their primary methods to communicate, kids are struggling to be confident and effective face-to-face communicators. Parents typically reinforce self-esteem [...]

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