Career Development and Personal Growth

At work you often face: Boredom. Politics. Work-Life Balance. Unrealistic Company Expectations. No Advancement. Pay issues. Layoffs. Some of us who’ve begun in a certain career track believe that we’re stuck in that discipline, industry, or job structure. Others believe we should be happy in the same job, indefinitely. But we change and grow, just like everything else around us. The job that was a great “fit” 5 or 10 years ago might not suit our needs now.

Create a sense of purpose and set priorities through discovery, professional development, personal growth, transitioning into the workplace, and more to become more passionate about what you do.

  • Do you have the confidence, knowledge and/or skills to execute?

  • Not hearing back from potential employers?

  • Hoping for a new role or promotion?

  • Can you sell and differentiate yourself effectively?

  • Are you effective at telling stories on sharing past experience?

  • Are you assertive when asking important questions?

  • Do you know how to assess your interview skills?

  • Are you comfortable with your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile?

  • Feel lost, hopeless and not confident in their professional self?

  • Do you get past the phone screen in order to get to the hiring manager?

  • Can you present confidently with a compelling message?

  • Do you have a hard time talking about myself?

Learn how to position yourself competitively and leverage your value, strengths, knowledge, skills, and experience.

  • Create “Value Propositions” that make you irreplaceable and invaluable to any company or organization

  • Develop essential skills to be successful through a job transition

  • Sell yourself from your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn

  • Clarify your direction

  • Learn crucial interviewing techniques that allow you to be proactive

  • Develop Relationships – Leverage people from your network to help land a dream job or internship

  • Differentiate Yourself – Identify your most valuable selling points to create lasting impressions

  • Make Conversation Engaging – Initiate, maintain and make conversations purposeful

  • Master Virtual Communication – Excel at follow-up skills and moving things forward through various modes of communication

We will support and motivate you to execute a tailored plan to get from here to there. Through role plays and actual simulations, learn how to demonstrate Actions, Attitudes and Answers to help you execute your next interview, action item or networking opportunity. We polish your LinkedIn profile and resume content. We collaborate on milestones and goals and a timeline to achieve them. And then we will set you on the path for success and help you:

  • Increase your income

  • Get promoted

  • Find work you love

  • Find ways to love your work

  • Find emotional stability (reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression)

Coaching Modules – Become a Confident and Skilled Communicator

Identify your passion and skills, align them with a fulfilling career path and take the right steps to make that career a reality.

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