General Assembly-Boston; How to be a Confident Communicator

/General Assembly-Boston; How to be a Confident Communicator
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How to Be a Confident Communicator

About This Workshop

Being a confident communicator is not just the way you act, talk, and look. It’s a habitual way of thinking and reacting to various life situations.

In this class, you’ll learn how to become an engaging and influential leader and learn the communication tools you need to effectively share your ideas. You’ll learn how to break down the barriers, misconceptions, and fears that prevent people from being fully heard.

You’ll develop the ability to make small changes to your words, tone, and non-verbal communication to improve how you interact in a multitude of personal and professional relationships and scenarios.


In this class, you’ll develop the ability to:

  • Communicate through: power of pause, paraphrasing, silence
  • Utilize body language to, show undivided attention/feel heard
  • Choose a communication style and approach that works
  • Make a client feel the employee has their best interest at heart
  • Develop small talk techniques for ill at ease

Prereqs & Preparation

Students should come to class ready to discuss current communication challenges and goals.

Please bring a laptop, notepad, and pen/pencil to class.