General Assembly; How to be an Effective Manager

/General Assembly; How to be an Effective Manager
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About This Class
Due to the fast pace of change today, many managers face numerous new challenges and responsibilities and are constantly adapting to various personalities, levels of experience and knowledge bases. In this workshop, you’ll learn crucial skills and apply tools for goal setting, delegation, performance management, effective communication, leadership, motivating, and much more. You’ll walk out feeling prepared and more confident to guide your team to new levels of success.

• Develop self-awareness and manage perception of others
• Know how to approach to performance management.
• Create a framework for you and your direct reports to effectively set expectations and give and receive feedback.
• Learn different management styles and techniques.
• Learn how to measure your team’s success.

Prereqs & Preparation
Students should either be existing or new managers, or have an interest in management positions.

• Students should come to class ready to discuss current management challenges and goals.
• Please bring a laptop, notepad, and pen/pencil to class.