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Mindset Millennial focuses on maximizing generational similarities and capitalizing on their differences. The program focuses on developing corporate culture and strengthening teamwork. Company leaders are trained to empower and support millennials as they embrace additional responsibility and strive to improve their habits. Millennials are excited to demonstrate their passion and proactively contribute to company goals, growth, and culture.

  • Utilize the strengths of each generation to support the growth and success of the others
  • Increase your employee’s independence and confidence so they can effectively initiate, give, and receive constructive feedback
  • Demonstrate behavioral awareness to change habits
  • Strengthen teamwork to boost productivity
  • Develop critical thinking and interpersonal skills to execute preferred strategies
  • Train managers to empower millennials to more effectively evaluate solutions and solve problems
  • Transform how you communicate verbally non-verbally and through active listening
  • Reduce turnover and build company loyalty

The program uses actual organizational challenges submitted by the participants, who work on them individually, in pairs and teams. This approach means in addition learning new tools and techniques, attendees gain experience in applying them to and solving real-world communication challenges.