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The Winner’s Circle is a four part training designed to help participants build trust and credibility, identify differentiators, overcome objections, and ask problem-solving questions.

Session Two: Relationships Before Revenue

Develop self-awareness, improve habits and leverage your existing strengths. Learn how to accelerate success from behavioral change based on perception of oneself and that of others. By controlling emotions, shifting thought processes, and maintaining confidence, participants will maximize their ability to connect with others and engender trust in relationships.

  • Balance advocacy and inquiry to uncover needs, and make the deepest connections with buyers
  • Build trust and credibility through authentic communication
  • Demonstrate value through empathy and connection to customers, colleagues and other professional relationships
  • Identify a person’s motivators
  • Get people to open up to you
  • Inspire people to embrace change
  • Capture and maintain the attention of your co-workers, peers, customers and prospects
  • Adapt your approach to communication style, level of detail, pace, etc.