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Your Passion Story: Creating buy-in

How do you not sound like everyone else at a networking event? What do you have to talk about besides your company and job title? Most people, when tasked with mingling with others at networking events, use the same bland and ineffective way of introduction which reinforces people’s perceptions of what they expect to encounter which effects your ability to engage others. In Your Passion Story, you will learn how to tell a short story that broadens conversations and allows you to connect and relate to your future referral partners. Through clarity and depth in this 30-minute minute webinar, you will learn a vital career skill that will help you build influence.

In this training session, Mark Altman provides the key ingredients to being a succinct speaker at networking events and also continues to expand on the best practices for developing your passion story.

  • Overcome your latent networking fears
  • Identify the why, not the what
  • Develop good ingredients for a passion story

Create Buy-In with MindsetGo!


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