MindsetGo Names Janice Sioui as Director of Wellness – Brings Innovative Body Mind Bottom Line Program to Companies

In a move to incorporate the concept of wellness to complement its array of communication programs, MindsetGo has named Janice Sioui Director of Wellness. Ms. Sioui brings her unique blend of systems expertise and a thirst for bottom line results with our new program, Body Mind Bottom Line.

Sioui’s corporate experience will be engaged to dial into the root cause of issues like a disengaged company culture, declining productivity, and/or increasing employee turnover.

While working for six years as a corporate consultant in several industries, she enabled companies to create new outcomes and lasting change. Her varied career includes being a successful entrepreneur, long-time wellness coach, and volunteer with the Worcester County Food Bank.

“Managing wellness has moved from the home to business,” Sioui said. “As much as that seems unnecessary to some, it is time for employers to embrace the need to support their workforce with the skill set, tool set and mindset to take control of their wellness.”

Body Mind Bottom Line workshops include Peak Performance, Fueling the Fire, The Cost of Stress, Eight to Innovate, and The Power of Will. The module-based program is designed to help employees manage their increased personal and professional roles, responsibilities, lack of downtime, and constant distractions.

“I am pleased to integrate wellness as part of our mission to build people up. I believe physical, mental, and emotional wellness directly correlates to an individual’s attitude, habits and motivation to be successful”, says company President Mark Altman. “Janice is an integral addition to our team, and her Body Mind Bottom Line program has already proven to be an asset to our partners and clients. Her energy, passion and commitment empowers businesses to prioritize their true assets…their people.

MindsetGo programs and workshops are designed to build people up through conversation, relationship and influence mastery. Our mission is to help people of all ages shift mindsets, develop confidence and replace habits to implement their newfound skills. We believe having the right mindset determines present and future success. For more information, contact us at 978-793-1159 or email info@mindsetgo.com.