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When was the last time you did a systems check on how your teachers were doing as professionals and individuals? The MindsetGo Road to Resiliency Program addresses these challenges.

Communicate With Confidence

A student typically develops confidence and self-esteem through grades, achievements in extra-curricular activities, or popularity. However, the main ingredients for a student to build their confidence is the ability to practice a growth mindset and overcome obstacles that they perceive as difficult, impossible or boring. Through experiential learning, participants will learn how to utilize passion as a learning tool, deliver effective feedback and create templates for students to embrace their improvements and achievements.

What You Need To Lead

Decades of behavioral decision research has consistently shown that emotions, more than any other contributing factor, are what motivate us to act. Every decision we make, every choice to act or not act is determined by our intention to manage our feelings in one way or another, to either feel better or to avoid feeling badly. Emotion is the single pivot point to determine how well you know yourself, how you deal with adversity and conflict, and how well you relate to others…all characteristics of a great leader. With educators so busy managing more of the social and emotional skills for our young people than ever, there has never been a better time to learn and model “Emotional Intelligence”, or EQ to ease the workload and get back to why educators wanted to teach, and staff works to improve the landscape of a quality education.

Road to Resiliency

Educators explore experiences where they have already been resilient so they can recognize their mental strength and health as well as their brain health today. The core of the workshop focuses on the five skills every leader needs to be resilient. The workshop concludes with self-care planning so the day’s learning become natural habits. Leaders leave the program aware of the skills they have learned intuitively to manage stress and challenge, methods to measure the application of their new skills, and a weekly plan for themselves and their teams to build resilience into daily life.  

Beyond Engagement

Teachers are inspired to expand their role through this professional development series. Through collaborative activities, classroom simulations, and stimulating group discussions, educators will be equipped to create lasting change while engaging students. This interactive program empowers teachers with new techniques that harness students’ passions, foster approachability, build trust, and strengthen relationships.