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iCommunicate: Find Your Voice Radio Show

WCRN Radio 830AM – Thursdays at 1-2pm

Tune into WCRN Radio 830 with your host Mark Altman, as he talks to an audience of fans and skeptics, and discusses difficult topics about ourselves and our relationships, getting laughs and even tears along the way.

Why Mark Started iCommunicate

I started this show because of how texting, social media and digital communication have impacted face to face communication and in turn how that has created stress, anxiety and frequent breakdowns of communication in relationships. iCommunicate is about empowering people of all ages to find their voice. We discuss a variety of topics with our weekly guests including how to build confidence and overcome your fears, advocate for what you need and want, replace habits, and bridge communication gaps between managers and their staff, parents and children, teachers and students, as well as coaches and their players.

We are all the iGeneration and our mission is to offer tangible tips, strategies, and tools that you can immediately apply in your personal and professional life. Join us every Thursday from 1 to 2pm to explore and solve the communication challenges inherent with professional, personal, and generational relationships.

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