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“Mark’s greatest strength is his ability to connect with the audience and make his topics relevant, inspiring, and memorable.”

You need results.

Mark’s keynotes are an effective way to jump start positive change. He inspires professional organizations, leaders, educators, parents, and students to realize their potential and make a positive impact on themselves, others, their community, and the world! It’s imperative that we communicate and lead with a mindful purpose, confidence, and passion.

As a motivational speaker, he draws upon over 20 years’ experience in sales, public speaking, teaching and entrepreneurship. Mark transfers the POWER of a positive mindset to help individuals improve performance, develop new habits and embrace success while leaving audiences energized, educated, and excited to control their future. Currently, his message is tailored to these keynote topics. See how Mark’s tips and strategies can influence your audience to support the actions and new behaviors you want.

Get the inside scoop.

Mark also shares insider stories from his experiences as an angel investor, acquiring and exiting companies, writing as a sports journalist for Associated Press and as an Inc 500/5000 entrepreneur.

Be empowered to:

  • Embrace and lead change

  • Find opportunities in setbacks

  • Recognize your control of success or failure

  • Overcome feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty

  • Gain a competitive edge

  • Adopt a growth mindset

  • Be more engaged and motivated

  • Increase personal awareness

  • Drive better habits

  • Use strategies and tools

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  • Customization of programs based on YOUR needs and challenges
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  • Send you powerful, proven marketing materials that will help you boost your attendance.
  • Happily attend dinners, lunches, breakfasts or cocktail parties to meet your people.
  • Show up at the event (and the meeting room) early, so you’re not worrying where I am.
  • Not insult or embarrass anybody. (Especially myself!)
  • Always act ethically.
  • Help out if things go wrong or if you simply need an extra pair of hands.
  • End on time. (If the event is already running behind schedule, I’ll ask you if you want me to speak for my full time or cut my presentation short.)
  • Be easy to work with. (You don’t need a prima donna adding to your stress level.) My goal is for both of us to get heaps of praise. I look forward to working with you to make that happen!


From Purpose to Impact

How can someone be excited about you and your company if you aren’t passionate about it?

Passion impacts how you live, laugh and love and is something you shouldn’t have to schedule.

Most individuals believe they are here to achieve a purpose but do not always see the power in their passion. As people become more self-aware and connect with their passions, they seek and identify ways to apply them to their work. And when your passions become part of who you are, they become part of your brand and how people identify you.

Mark helps the audience discover their passion(s) and models how authentic passion can be central to engaging an audience and persuading team members to buy into ideas, vision, and leadership.


Losers Make Excuses and Winners Make Progress

“The key is not the will to win… everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.” ~Bobby Knight, Former Coach University of Indiana

Winning takes a lot of practice. Big Wins are made up of hundreds of small victories that require so much repetition they become habit. But too frequently our habits keep us from success and we get into a rut of practicing losing.  Changing what you practice and building new habits will erase feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty so you are prepared to win.

Mark introduces key insights and techniques on how to form winning practices by scheduling triumph, embracing competition, adopting a growth mindset, and overcoming adversity. Gain a competitive edge by bringing out the best in your ability.


Climbing to the Peak of Performance

Are you looking to engage and motivate your team to achieve their peak performance?

Peak performance is often talked about in athletics, but it applies to every endeavor we pursue. The strategies we think make us successful often maintain our status quo and hinder professional growth.

In this keynote, Mark presents the counter-intuitive qualities which lead to peak performance including embracing the unknown, knowing the result isn’t the goal, letting go of control, and growing instead of knowing. He inspires individuals to break through their current level of performance by evaluating their own actions and approach. Audience members walk away believing they can reach new heights using a strategy that focuses on action-oriented, performance-driven behavior and goals.


Change Your Mindset

Have you ever wondered why some people realize their potential while others, who are just as talented, don’t? A fixed mindset sacrifices risk-taking and vulnerability because the price of failure is too high.

When we avoid failure; we play it safe. We undermine the creativity that ignites and energizes accomplishments that are uniquely our own.

Mark speaks candidly about simple, effective tools audiences use to make smarter choices, react to the unexpected, and find opportunities in setbacks. You are responsible for your own success or failure; personal and professional growth stem from a positive mindset.


Removing the Doubt

This dynamic keynote is guaranteed to challenge, educate, and provide an enlightening perspective. Much like athletics, selling yourself and your brand requires a relentless desire to work on your craft, know your competition, and elevate your game every single day.

But what can you do when the key decision-makers are hesitant, resistant, or even apathetic?

Mark is compelling when he discusses the need to build friendships more than customer relationships. He shines light on the importance of earning trust, being confident, and motivating prospects to move past doubt and act in partnership. As a 25-year sales professional, he uses the POWER of a positive mindset as the catalyst for breakthrough success to focus on seeing the problem as opposed to solving it.


Stretching Beyond the Possible

Bad habits prevent you from accomplishing your goals. The good news is that even if you’ve been doing something so long that you now believe that this is “just who you are” – you can reinvent yourself, by changing your habits. By continuing to invent who you are, you positively impact what you do, how you do it, and how you feel, see, and think.

This keynote is an honest, shame-free, goodbye party for your bad habits. Mark’s candid, authentic discussion creates a safe space for judgement-free self-awareness about what holds you back from reaching maximum productivity. He inspires audiences to overcome procrastination, fear, and self-doubt by identifying replacement habits, anticipating challenges, and visualizing success.


Effective Leadership: Setting the Bar

Negative experiences with managers are one of the most highly cited reasons for employees to leave a job. A lack of adaptability and poor leadership leads to retention issues, decreased engagement, scaling problems, low employee performance, and a culture of mediocrity.

In this presentation, Mark thoughtfully provides insight into the subtle differences between well-meaning but outdated management practices and the approaches which inspire teams to reach their goals together.  His presentation inspires participants to foster positive, creative, and solution-focused thinking while embracing essential leadership qualities.

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Once we decide to hire Mark, how do we proceed?2017-10-01T12:49:06-04:00

This is perhaps the most frequently asked question by our clients. Our goal is to make your speaker-scheduling process simple, efficient, and surprise-free. The process consists of the following basic steps:

  1. The Confirmation…First, we will send to you a Confirmation Sheet. The Confirmation Sheet will include specific details such as the event sponsor, date, fee, location, and any other relevant information.
  2. The Contract…Upon acceptance of the offer, we will provide a contract to ensure that the services we provide will meet all your expectations. In addition to your specific program requirements, the contract will outline, if applicable in detail all travel arrangements, accommodations, schedules, and itineraries.
  3. Final Preparations… We will contact you to review the final preparations for your event. It will serve as the final itinerary for your event and include information regarding hotel arrangements, flights, schedule of events, information on your organization, and any other vital details.

*Our service does not stop after Mark is confirmed. He is always available to answer questions, offer ideas, or talk about your event and its progress. As the date of the event approaches, Mark will contact you to make the final preparations for your event.

Do you have any footage or references to give us a comfort level with your style?2017-10-01T12:47:51-04:00

References are available upon request and we do have a promotional piece available that will give you an accurate feel for Mark’s style.

How do I ensure Mark will meet our needs and deliver the message and impact we are looking for?2017-10-01T12:47:13-04:00
  • During our pre-presentation discussion, Mark asks a series of questions including:
    1. Why is this event being held in the first place?
    2. What do we want the attendees to know, think, or feel after this event?
    3. What expectations will they bring to the event?
    4. What special circumstances, issues, or challenges are we facing right now?
    5. How should this event build upon previous events circumstances?
  • Based on your answers, Mark will suggest the presentation topic, duration, and approach that he recommends would fit your needs.
How much does it cost to book Mark for a speaking engagement or keynote?2017-10-01T12:50:46-04:00
  1. Speaker Fees: Fees vary based upon the length of the presentation and the location of your event.
  2. Payment Terms: A non-refundable deposit guarantees the date will be reserved for you and is collected at the time he is booked for the event.