By collaborating with our strategic partners we are better able to support each other’s clients through problem-solving, open communication, and sharing of best practice ideas. Our relationships with our preferred partners have allowed clients to see:

  • Increased productivity

  • A boost in employee retention

  • Greater profitability

  • Improved customer satisfaction and appreciation

Staffing and Placement

Engagement & Recruiting

Do you have the expertise, time, the means, or the knowledge to recruit and retain top performers and future leaders? Franklin Professional Associates (FPA) is the preferred staffing partner for MindsetGo and we are collaborating to offer complimentary hard skills, soft skills, behavioral and DISC assessments for new hires and existing staff.

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Insurance and Employee Benefits

Full-Service Insurance and Employee Benefits Brokerage

We are a full-service insurance and employee benefits brokerage firm. Since our founding we have been focused on bringing together the best professionals in the employee benefits and financial services industry to provide innovative, industry leading solutions for our clients. Whether it is a small company looking for the best health insurance options for their employees or a large firm looking to design a specialized plan for their executives, our team-based approach will help you weigh the pros and cons of the available options, so you can make informed, confident decisions in your company’s best interest.

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Corporate Video Production Specialists

Producing Compelling Visual Tools

Davideo Company helps our clients communicate more effectively by creating exciting and engaging videos for their business such as product demos, training videos, customer testimonials, and more. We can handle everything you need, from script development and the acquisition of raw footage at any location, right through the editing process and on to final duplication and distribution on DVD or over the Internet.

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