Visual Design Strategist

Chris is an e-commerce entrepreneur and corporate graphic design consultant. His product designs have been featured on FailBlog Hall of Fame, Yahoo! Front Page News, and CNBC’s “Squawk Box” television broadcast. He has served several industries including retail, food and beverage, energy efficiency, and education.

In 2008, Chris combined his growing interest in entrepreneurship and his passion for creativity by launching his first e-commerce venture called DieHardThreads, for which he created the branding, storefront, and product design. After ten years of incredible growth, he moved on from his global costume and apparel company Prestige Worldwide, LLC.

I was blown away by MindsetGo’s mission and was instantly inspired to offer my skill set to the team. As someone who came of age during the information revolution, I appreciate both the enormous utility and power digital technology offers us and also the social pitfalls it brings with it. I see MindsetGo as the perfect resource to help us relearn the communication skills that have been forgotten, or to instill them for those who never knew a time before text messaging and social media.