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Janice Sioui

Director of Wellness

Janice Sioui focuses on dialing into the root cause of issues like a disengaged company culture, declining productivity, and/or increasing employee turnover.  She brings her unique blend of systems expertise and a thirst for bottom line results with the innovative wellness program, Body Mind Bottom Line.

Janice’s passion is preventive maintenance; going for the deep dive and addressing the fundamental issues for permanent change. The Body Mind Bottom Line program at MindsetGo is designed to engage employees, enhance performance, decrease healthcare costs and reduce stress to create a more positive culture.  By using a holistic, proactive approach, Janice inspires people to identify solutions, replace habits, create plans and achieve their goals.

Having worked for six years as a corporate consultant in several industries, she enjoys enabling companies to create new outcomes and lasting change. She embraces the opportunity to be part of the MindsetGo team because of her love of helping others; enabling people of all ages to be empowered and free from what holds them back. The mission of MindsetGo is to build people up by mastering relationship building, face-to-face conversation and influence.

Her varied career includes being a successful entrepreneur, systems auditor, long-time wellness coach, and volunteer with the Worcester County Food Bank. Janice, her husband and two daughters live in the hills of Boylston, MA.  She coaches clients from NY to LA, balancing her passion for her work with the delight of time with family.  Being outside in any capacity is better than indoors, and traveling is part of her passion for experiencing an amazing life.