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Shifting Mindsets, Building Confidence, and Improving Habits

At MindsetGo, we ensure value and create lasting change by inspiring professionals to transform how they communicate. Our trainers strengthen and develop essential interpersonal skills so executives, managers, employees and millennials with career aspirations, know what sets themselves and their companies apart.

Our methodology is based on the concept that being a confident and skilled communicator is not exclusive to the way you talk, listen, or use body language.  It’s also about asking the right questions, getting others comfortable with change, having a growth mindset and emotional intelligence.

Our practical and flexible training methods allow for active participation, practical exercises, and role-play scenarios through a customized approach that simulates your work environment. Our programs also include a follow-up session that highlights specific areas for additional practice and skill development. Your time frame, program of choice, and audience experience level are all factors for how we tailor the subject matter and format to deliver the most value. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with and engage clients, so they are motivated to immediately apply their newfound confidence and skills.

Areas of Expertise

Professional Development Programs

  • We ASK and elicit participant’s thoughts, feelings, desires, needs, and aspirations; what they care about
  • We call out the elephant, embolden people to step outside their comfort zone and connect authentically with those who want change; teaching others to do the same
  • We teach people HOW to influence the lives of others through asking questions, empathic listening, and uncover personal motivators.
  • Personalized training based on participants’ experience, knowledge and learning style
  • People buy in because they are valued, motivated and inspired
  • Barriers & silos that previously existed between departments and peers are broken
  • Situational awareness and decision-making are primary focuses
  • An energetic environment for collaboration breeds clarity and resilience
  • Continuous Learning Resources that are user-friendly, easy to manage and simple

Our collaborative style motivates participation and confident application of newfound skills through:

  • Skill-Building Activities
  • Simulating internal and external communication challenges
  • Thoughtful, targeted in-the-moment feedback
  • Practicing tools and techniques
  • Lots of interaction, ah ha’s and ha ha’s!

Mindset Millennial

By 2020, it is estimated that millennials will constitute 46% of the working population. According to data from Source Global Research, companies will pay $60-70 million to integrate millennials into the workforce next year. Millennials appear especially vulnerable because of what is perceived as a lack of interpersonal skills, motivation, and sense of purpose

Mindset Network

Our Mindset Network program is designed to train professionals who strive to build reputation and influence among their growing professional circles. We ensure you are maximizing your ability to create new relationships, strengthen existing ones and build trust through advanced conversation skills.

Mindset Sell

The approach to sales has changed. Most people find themselves selling at one point or another every day as they share viewpoints, suggestions and solutions. Our ability to sell ourselves effectively is inevitably shaped by our family backgrounds, education, experiences and personalities.

Getting to the bottom line isn’t about just revenue and results anymore. Using our process to get at the heart of what holds people back, motivated participants uncover how they can create and influence positive change, increase productivity, inspire engagement and develop a unified team for your business.

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