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Adapt – Experience – Thrive

We have totally changed the way we interact with one another.  As part of the iGeneration, we are all feeling the unintended consequences and at MindsetGo, we say enough is enough. Research now shows a population with an exponential increase in stress, anxiety, depression, attention deficit, and obsessive-compulsive behavior. Our most technically advanced generation is also the most socially awkward. I believe that before we teach our children how to talk to a million people in a fraction of a second, we should first teach them how to talk to just one.

At MindsetGo, we appreciate and nurture the talents of your children,  inspire them to grow their minds, and build their confidence so they can adapt to change, develop better habits and be more skilled communicators. Our experienced and compassionate trainers use a formula that is based on the following concepts:

*   Failure is the most essential step to success
*   Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
*   It’s not What do u want to be?… it’s  WHO do u want to be?
*   Find what you love and love/live what you find

Our program below are available through one-to-one coaching or group training.

Mindset Career Path (for Students)

High School students are often forced to settle for jobs that are uninspiring or demotivating because of their age or lack of interpersonal skills. This causes students to become disengaged about school and/or their future.

Mindset College Success: Adapt, Experience, Thrive

It’s a stressful time with many new challenges ahead. Students have so much to think about as they face their first major life transition, independently. Our interactive workshop offers recent high school graduates various simulations that they are likely to encounter during their first semester of college.

Mindset Leader

Through Mindset Leader, teenagers participate in experiential learning, group challenges, simulations, and lively discussions to develop essential communication skills. Leadership becomes attainable and the learning process exciting as kids recognize and engage their life passions

MindsetGo offers a variety of one-to-one coaching options for students.

Coaching Options for Students