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Delivery Options

  • Public Workshops

  • Onsite Training

  • One to One Coaching

  • Virtual Training

Recommended For

  • Account Managers who are struggling to leverage existing customers for more business

  • Support teams who could use professional development training

  • Sales people who are struggling to engage prospects

  • Leaders who may benefit from developing their people skills

  • Managers who are leading teams for the first time

  • Experienced leaders whose roles have grown in complexity and size

  • Managers who need to get higher levels of performance from their team

Program Overview:

Engaged employees have better attitudes and are more committed to the company mission. Engaged customers are loyal, invested and willing to spread the word. Mindset Engage strengthens the various relationships a company depends on by developing interpersonal and fundamental engagement skills.

  • Improve company culture through increased teamwork
  • Boost productivity by expanding skill sets
  • Strengthen critical thinking and interpersonal skills to execute preferred strategies
  • Increase awareness and perception skills
  • Build company loyalty
  • Transform how you communicate verbally and non-verbally
  • Increased self-awareness regarding your ability to capture and maintain the attention of your customers and prospects
  • Personalize your approach verbally and virtually
  • Demonstrate value through empathy and connection
  • Ask the right questions to get honest answers
  • Employ active listening to reach deeper understanding of issues
  • Follow-up with purpose and strategy
  • Respond to tone and body language
  • Measure yourself and adapt your approach
  • Foster approachability with coworkers and clients
  • Situational Best Practices
  • Engagement Strategies
  • Communication Templates
  • Mindfulness Techniques
  • Employee Skill Set Management Tool

*Our programs also include two hours of additional training/coaching that highlights specific areas for additional practice and skill development 30-90 days after the program is completed.

  • Change habits through perceptiveness and awareness
  • Create lasting change by knowing what to do and how to do it
  • Practice customized workplace simulations, role plays, fun activities and collaborative discussion
  • Utilize tools and strategies that can be immediately implemented
  • Practice and improve through review and feedback after being recorded
  • 5 hours of training for Management/Existing Personnel
  • 2 hours of continuous learning

Mark combines his entrepreneurial spirit with passion and energy that has led to great success engaging managers and employees. He has the ability to make the people around him better including myself. It has been a pleasure to know Mark professionally and personally.

Mitch Rose, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Partner Solutions, Billltrust

Mark lives what he teaches and that has been very inspiring to me as we’ve worked together. He is an excellent communicator, so he leads and coaches by example, which I really respond to. He has a firm understanding of the growth mindset and his enthusiasm and expertise in this area could be what has helped me most. Hiring Mark to improve my ability to engage customers and my team has had an immediate positive impact on me both professionally and personally.

Glenn Paradise, CEO, Noonan Creative