“To ‘find your voice’ you must first have the courage to open your mouth.”
—Josh Shipp

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Delivery Options

  • Public Workshops

  • Onsite Training

  • One to One Coaching

Recommended For

  • After School Programs
  • Kids grades 5-12

  • Kids who value having strong relationships

  • Kids who lack confidence in speaking publicly or in groups

  • Kids who are searching for their passion

  • Kids who don’t have an independent voice to talk with

  • Kids who have trouble expressing themselves

Program Overview:

L.E.A.P (Laugh, Experience, Accomplish, Participate) is a Student Empowerment Program that offers kids fun opportunities to be creative, develop their passions, grow leadership skills, and take initiative. By collaborating with peers of different ages in a judgment-free zone, kids contribute in multiple ways through teamwork, activities and engaging discussions on topics they love. Most important, children have a blast while becoming more confident and effective communicators.

  • Form stronger relationships and genuine connections
  • Practice interpersonal communications skills
  • Articulate and/or demonstrate interests in a confident and interactive manner
  • Engage in genuine and thought-provoking conversation with friends and peers
  • Develop and maintain a growth mindset when learning new skills and facing obstacles.
  • Assert themselves with teachers, family, and social situations
  • Improved self-confidence and self-expression
  • Advocate with adults for what they want and need
  • Positive and sustainable conversation and engagement skills.
  • Embrace and adapt to different perspectives.
  • Critical thinking and active listening
  • Mindfulness and coping strategies to deal with emotion and conflict