“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.”
—Sven Goran Eriksson

Explore Signs of Test Anxiety
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Delivery Options

  • Public Workshops

  • Onsite Training

  • One to One Coaching

Recommended For

  • High school and college students of all ability levels

Program Overview:

What happens when your child sits down to take a test?

Do lack of motivation and preparation interfere with your child’s test taking success? Does your child put in the work and know the material cold, but just can’t seem to bring it all together on test day? Is your child already a high-performer, but they have the potential to reach new levels of focus, success, and fulfillment?

Fear Less. Ace the Test.
It’s time to stop letting fear, anxiety and doubt get in the way of your child’s success.

Our highly-trained coaches work to identify exactly what’s holding your child back when preparing for testing. We help students eliminate distractions, build better habits, and stay focused so they thrive on test day.

  • Personalized Assessment – We identify your child’s key strengths, as well as key difficulty areas including focus, fears and anxiety triggers
  • Improvement Planning – With those strengths and triggers in view, we map out a step-by-step strategy to help your child master anxiety.
  • Skill Development – Ongoing sessions geared towards mindfulness, stress reduction, and overall resilience help your child implement actionable skills before, during, and after high-pressure situations (e.g. tests, theater performance, sporting event, chess match, etc.).
  • Post-Performance Reviews – Preparation is one thing, but a post-review about what worked and what didn’t to support continuous learning and determine additional areas of development.
  • Specific physical, mental, and emotional routines to develop better habits, reduce pressure and mitigate stress both before and during high-intensity situations.
  • Strategies to recover quickly when calm and focus is disrupted.
  • Journaling and visualization techniques used by high-performing professionals around the world.
  • Simple, effective mindfulness practices that can be used immediately to generate calm, confidence, and laser focus right when you need it.

Awareness Techniques

Anxiety Management Strategies

Coping Methods

  • Assess progress, learn from mistakes, and develop new strategies for ongoing improvement.
  • Create lasting change by transforming underlying habits, thought patterns, and limiting beliefs.
  • Apply these techniques in all aspects of life to generate tremendous confidence and achieve at the highest levels.
  • Our standard program for students of all levels and abilities is $750 and covers five sessions over five weeks. We’ll meet at regular intervals designed to fit your child’s schedule and we support students both in-person as well as through online video sessions. Those sessions are supplemented by email and text, and we promise a 24-hour response time for any urgent issues.
    *We also offer smaller packages depending on need.
  • Deeper, customized programs are developed based on several factors:
    • The extent of the anxiety. Is it limited to testing, or does it affect other areas of your child’s life? (worries about relationships, job, etc.)
    • The effectiveness of your child’s study habits and organization
    • How often your child can practice and apply these strategies outside of the scheduled coaching sessions