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Delivery Options

  • Onsite Training

  • Virtual Training

  • One to One Coaching

Recommended For

  • Professionals who are looking to attract new customers

  • Professionals who are looking for new reasons to engage existing prospects

  • Introverts who are looking to enhance their skill set

  • Entrepreneurs who need to sell themselves and their business

  • College students who are looking to build relationships

  • Millennials who are looking to expand their network

  • Professionals who have a core value around learning or expanding their skill sets

Program Overview:

Our Mindset Network program is designed to train professionals who strive to build reputation and influence among their growing professional circles. We ensure you are maximizing your ability to create new relationships, strengthen existing ones and build trust through advanced conversation skills.

We start by helping you develop an elevator pitch that utilizes your passions and highlights your differentiators. Next, through role play and experiential learning, you will practice each step of the networking process: the initial meeting, creating a lasting impression, closing the conversation, and evaluating your own performance. Finally, you will learn best practices for both giving and receiving referrals and references. This training leaves participants with enhanced abilities to grow their professional network, acquire more business and sales opportunities via referrals, and build your personal brand.

  • Build trust through active listening
  • Initiate, Maintain and Close Conversations
  • Assess and respond to comfort level of referral partner
  • Recognize the difference between assertive versus aggressive
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Establish a quality elevator pitch
  • Build positive first impressions and off-line presence
  • Embrace your unique skills and passions
  • Leverage your previous relationships with customers
  • Determine how to start, grow, and thank your network
  • Learn memorability by connecting with personal or unique details
  • Personalize your approach verbally and virtually
  • Ask the right questions to get honest answers
  • Follow-up with purpose and strategy
  • Respond to tone and body language
  • Measure yourself and adapt your approach
  • Email Follow Up Template
  • LinkedIn Template
  • Personal/Company Overview Template
  • Mindfulness Techniques
  • Change habits through perceptiveness and awareness
  • Create lasting change by knowing what to do and how to do it
  • Practice customized workplace simulations, role plays, fun activities and collaborative discussion
  • Utilize tools and strategies that can be immediately implemented
  • Practice and improve through review and feedback after being recorded
  • 6 hours of training
  • 2 hours continuous learning