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Program Overview:

Is your team equipped to cope with and overcome adversity, fatigue and disappointment? We teach coping and resiliency so when they face adversity, fatigue, disappointment, they will be ready. Learn a variety of concrete tools to help build resilience, reduce burnout, and reconnect to a deeper sense of purpose. Understand how mindset and mindfulness can help manage adversity, integrate true work/life balance, and deliver positive outcomes for better input, personal management, work presence and team relationships.


  • Learn the power of the mind, the source of stress and how it affects the immune system

  • Be inspired to form healthy mental habits and create practices for automatic response

  • Improve your ability to cope with unavoidable pressure, promote positive action and prevent knee-jerk reactions

  • Increase your capacity to absorb and handle problems and difficult people

  • Maintain performance during high-stress and pressure situations