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Body Mind Bottom Line…Keeping the End in Mind

What does wellness look like for you?

Bottom line is and always has been about revenue and results—it’s just that path that has changed. The participants in the process have their own bottom line to distract them from yours, and happiness today is more important than a job tomorrow. Inspire them to care about your vision and break through to bigger results.

We go beyond traditional coaching and training to build skills and emotional intelligence around the habits that will generate new momentum and sustain results through interaction and outcome.

Service Offerings

  • Training Programs

  • Coaching Company Leaders

  • Health and Wellness Education

  • Kickoff Wellness Program

  • Pain Clinics

  • Parenting Workshops

  • Family Support Coaching

  • Team Leaders who train or need to improve employee engagement
  • Managers and leaders who are stepping into bigger roles
  • Influencers that help drive change
  • Sales staff who can capitalize on improving their self-awareness and perception
  • Technical Professionals: Systems Engineers, Solution Architects, Developers
  • Project Managers who rely on multiple resources outside their own team
  • HR Professionals who partner with an increasingly wide range of personalities
  • Finance Professionals who struggle to connect with fellow managers or subordinates
  • Customer Service Professionals who often are the first point of resolution for your valuable customers
  • Progressive employers in the corporate, government and health care space looking to introduce wellness
  • Entrepreneurs who desire to build wellness into their offering and reduce stress in the workplace
  • Increase the productivity for superior long-term performance in both individuals and the organization as a whole
  • Improve morale & team mindset
  • Boost engagement due to increased behavioral consistency and follow-through
  • Create presence and desire for attention to detail and quality effort
  • Create mindfulness for personal improvement and healthier choices
  • Improve staff attitude, and create a cooperative environment
  • Improved focus and calm during times of conflict and crisis resulting in better decision making
  • Improved communication leading to strong team dynamics and a healthy culture
  • Increased personal health of leaders, which promotes retention and performance
  • Accelerate group participation
  • Reduce turnover, healthcare and insurance costs
  • Save money on the cost to re-train new employees
  • Decreased staff absenteeism
  • Attract and retain highly desirable talent
  • Eliminate burnout ratio
  • Reduce stress and Manage controllable health risks

Our 5 Key Elements of Organizational Wellness

Clarity: Behavior & Habit Change

Creating motivation to accept and embrace change; replacing habits and mastering fear to execute personal and job deliverables with a renewed sense of purpose and interest.  People want more meaning in their work, so the focus is empowering people to engage in their work to make a difference in their organizations and communities.

Confidence: Fear Mastery & Execution

This immersion workshop is an awesome opportunity for both individuals and teams to experience the benefits of root cause and other problem-solving techniques designed to fix problems for the long-term.   Improve situational awareness, reduce anxiety, enable better decision making, and practice life management skills around advocacy, awareness and ongoing change.

Resiliency: Productivity & Growth Mindset

Is your team equipped to cope with and overcome adversity, fatigue and disappointment? We teach coping and resiliency so when they face adversity, fatigue, disappointment, they will be ready. Learn a variety of concrete tools to help build resilience, reduce burnout, and reconnect to a deeper sense of purpose. Understand how mindset and mindfulness can help manage adversity, integrate true work/life balance, and deliver positive outcomes for better input, personal management, work presence and team relationships.

Emotional Intelligence: Leadership & Relationship Building

Emotional Intelligence, commonly abbreviated as EQ, is best defined as our capacity to perceive, express, understand and manage our own emotions and the emotions of others in an effective and appropriate manner. Strengthening your emotional intelligence will have a lasting, positive effect on you … your team … your department … and your organization.

Passion: Engagement & Productivity

Developing the 5 facets of peak performance to dial into drive, create real momentum, and stop the excuses for action, reaction, and resistance. Master the activities and develop the habits that will create better team dynamics, anchor the vision, and increase the productivity for superior long-term performance in both individuals and the organization as a whole.