Nothing beats real-life experience

Families hire MindsetGo to help re-establish their connection with each other when careers, stress, school, or lack of empathy and understanding draws them apart. His non-therapeutic approach helps you define what you want for yourself, your children, and your family.

We are passionate about supporting families through empathic communication and listening. MindsetGo coaches you to more effectively model the behavior you seek from all family members. By opening channels of communication and reducing conflict, you’ll practice compassionate co-parenting and are better equipped to provide your family with support and confidence.

We provide the action steps, education, and tools that will allow your family to untangle the knot of current patterns that exist, (re)establish balance, and grow closer.

Having rapport and knowing the right fit is essential to making coaching a success. You can expect a trusting, supportive, non-judgmental partnership and environment which parents/children can explore their personal agenda.

Our coaching support, wisdom, strategy and tools may be useful if you are dealing with shifting family dynamics in the following areas:

Our Process:

Our meetings can be with both parents, individual parents, parents and kids or just kids.

Your sessions cover both coach-led and parent-led topics personalized to that parent’s unique situation and family dynamic.

We actively listen to your story to assure that he fully understands your family’s dynamics, values, strengths, challenges, and hopes for the future. Our coaches are extremely purposeful and direct to co-create ideas and recommendations that stem from individual or family strengths. These recommendations form a roadmap to address your immediate and future concerns while providing support as you begin to implement new parenting strategies and techniques. We keep you focused, motivated, and positive throughout the partnership, offering healthy perspective and encouragement as you move forward.


  • Developing stronger, more effective communication

  • Establishing and maintaining age appropriate boundaries

  • Exploring the impact of different parenting styles, patterns, and family dynamics

  • Gaining clearer understanding of learning styles and academic challenges

  • Supporting parents in allowing and enhancing opportunities for increasing independence

  • Shift their mindsets by embracing generational perspectives to improve family relationship dynamics

  • How to overcome powerlessness as a parent

  • Coping with disappointment and meeting expectations

Learned Skills:

  • Flexible Thinking – making realistic proposals, acknowledging that there is more than one solution, acknowledging that people are not “all-bad” or “all-good”

  • Managed Emotions – controlling one’s anger, sadness, fear, and anxiety so as to not overreact and take things personally, and to not pass on these feelings to the child.

  • Moderate Behaviors – avoiding extreme actions, including extreme behavior during custody exchanges, extreme parenting order requests, and violence

  • Conflict resolution – Identifying triggers to manage conflicts and difficult emotions more effectively

  • Identifying emotional roadblocks that create relationship barriers and often prevent effective communication

  • Shift attention to awareness of a problem or deficit to design a plan to change, improve, and grow.

  • Provide relatable strategies and mindfulness techniques to cope with various situations

  • Jointly support a mental health professional through a referral

Pre-and-Post-Divorce Co-Parenting Coaching

The completion of your divorce provides an initial sigh of relief, but the biggest challenges are just beginning.  Knowing how to navigate and execute effective co-parenting can be the difference between raising healthy well-adjusted children and repeating the process by going back to court.

Co-Parenting Coaching is intended to teach parents the skills necessary to put their children first by improving both parent’s ability to interact with one another and to jointly making parenting decisions as your kids grow and develop.

Parents who are in conflict are often unable to receive information and change their behavior accordingly because they are “stuck” making decisions based on their feelings – not logic. As someone who has navigated two divorces, successfully raised three kids and has helped countless other parents thrive in their co-parenting roles, we provide the gift of perspective from a unique vantage point, through the eyes of compassion, strength, and life experience.

Our coaches focus on what matters…YOUR KIDS.  Without focus on blame, he teaches you to strengthen your interpersonal skills for positive future behavior, rather than focusing on past negative behavior. By teaching communication skills for long-term co-parenting, we provide short-term and ongoing support as families re-organize in new ways after a separation or divorce.

The cost of divorce is not what you pay your lawyer – it is the lives you touch.

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Perspective/Neutral Voice Coaching: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Maybe you don’t like your tween’s haircut or choice of clothes. Or perhaps your son didn’t make a team or get the part in the play you know s/he deserves. But before you step in, look at the big picture. Easier said than done I know, but the alternative sets you and your teen up for several unhappy, unsatisfying years together.

We’ll help you see the parenting opportunity in front of you by inspiring you to look past your frustrations and disappointment.  This program shows how your reactions and decisions directly impact your children’s confidence and willingness to confide in you about a multitude of things moving forward.

You’ll always be there for guidance and comfort, but we encourage you to challenge yourself to step back, release your grip and trust the lessons you have taught while letting your child know you’re there for them.

It’s time to expand your definition of parenting from providing shelter and authority to practicing, improving and developing new skills to help your teen unlock their potential.

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Couples Coaching

It is a common misconception that couples only see a counselor when things have hit rock bottom. On the contrary, people who seek the help of a counselor to problem-solve and strengthen their relationships are able to sustain their relationship while they each grow as individuals.

We help individuals and couples grow through exploring barriers so they can reconnect, communicate more effectively, fight better, recover from fights, and get back on track.

If you are experiencing any of the following right now, we’ll provide the structure that allows you to succeed, support to help you succeed, and accountability to make sure you succeed.

  • Communications problems

  • Feeling like roommates

  • Emotionally unavailable partner

  • Problems being together

  • Feeling rejected

  • Constant fighting

  • Feeling unheard

  • Blaming one another

  • Feeling like giving up

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Delivery Methods

Four convenient places to meet with your coach:

  • On-Site Training

  • Virtual

  • One-to-One Coaching

  • Public Workshops

Our family coaching sessions have made a big difference. We use the empathic listening and face-to-face skills that you taught us to create a more open and comfortable environment. My son now feels part of the decision-making but also respects my input as a father. We’ve learned to truly listen to each other and there is less stress at home. My son is more willing to share what’s going on in his life and finally enjoys our family time.
Phy L, Parent

Thanks to Mark, my relationship with my step-daughter has improved dramatically. She was very angry when I married her Dad and didn’t treat me with respect. Mark listened carefully and gave us all a fresh perspective on the situation. We are in the process of building a relationship based on trust, respect, and compassion. As a working mom, I feel the insights I gained have helped me in all aspects of my life to be less reactive and more emotionally present and available in my daughter’s life and in my own.

Deb T, Parent

I attended one of Mark’s Parenting Your Teen workshops this fall and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked the fresh ideas presented and the role play conversations. The activities, behavior modeling, and collaborative discussions kept the discussion interesting and engaging. Mark’s knack for managing varied personalities and perspectives was evident because he forged a personal connection with each participant.

Julie B, Parent