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Fresh ideas and approaches…


“I attended one of Mark’s Parenting Your Teen workshops this fall and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked the fresh ideas presented, and the role play conversations. The activities, modeling and collaborative discussions really worked and made it fun. Mark made the most of the varied personalities and perspectives and kept the discussion interesting and engaging.”

Julie Bolduc    

Lowell High School

“I really liked co-teaching with Mark. We ran a critique in my class together which I think is the most difficult thing to run successfully in my class. He gave me some really good ideas and is going to email me some notes later. This I found very helpful. I wish it was something that would continue as I realized that I really like co teaching but I also really like getting some fresh ideas on how to make critiques more engaging and helpful. Critiques can be a struggle and I feel like with Mark’s help it really made it more efficient but also more exciting as the students were communicating so well with each other!”

Faye O’Leary | Teacher