KIDx (Keep it Different)

In the KIDx program, we teach kids how to overcome their fears and build confidence by giving a presentation with the impact of a TED talk on topics they love. Kids use this opportunity to develop an engaging, inspirational, entertaining or informative presentation. Students graduate with a five minute recorded presentation that can be added to their future portfolio. This performance also differentiates kids when applying for internships, jobs and colleges.

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Lights, Camera, Communicate

Have you ever watched a TV show, Vine, or video and wished you could be the star people were watching? Lights, Camera, Communicate! features fun activities designed to showcase your personality on camera. Complete the program with a recorded video to share on Facebook, YouTube, or simply with family and friends.

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L.E.A.P (Laugh, Experience, Accomplish, Participate) is a Student Empowerment Program that offers kids fun opportunities to be creative, develop their passions, grow leadership skills, and take initiative. By collaborating with peers of different ages in a judgment-free zone, kids contribute in multiple ways through teamwork, activities and engaging discussions on topics they love. Most important, children have a blast while becoming more confident and effective communicators.

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