Organizational Development

Organizational, team-based & individual assessments

Many of our consulting relationships begin with an assessment. Through these initial assessments we identify our organization’s underlying needs and develop strategies and goals for growing and evolving your business. MindsetGo will work with you to assess and identify challenges within any (or all) of the following areas:

Performance management & accountability

Does your leadership team have a background in identifying performance gaps and quantifying the behavior changes required to close them? Do they effectively develop and motivate their teams or do they even know how? We teach how to select, train, develop, motivate, manage, and retain the right people. We focus on human performance and work with you to skillfully identify the attitudes, skills, behaviors, and beliefs that are preventing your organization from achieving a goal or objective. We support companies in the following five areas:

  1. Investigation and Analysis – focusing on questioning and listening
  2. Assess relationships through:
    • Interviews, focus groups, surveys, observation, and document review
    • Observing both individuals and groups to see how they interact
  1. Designing and Delivering Solutions
    • Project Management Support for individuals or teams
  1. Change Management
    • Training, coaching, changes in appraisal processes, revising organizational policies, and re-engineering feedback processes
    • Facilitating organizational conversations or strategic planning meetings
    • Dealing with resistance to change, conducting meetings with employees to provide information and gain feedback about proposed changes
  1. Evaluation – measuring results on a variety of levels including
    • Improving skills, impacting business goals, increasing sales, employee retention, customer engagement
    • Enhancing particular solutions during the piloting or beta-test stages
    • Reporting results back to clients and stakeholders

Sales Enablement & Motivation

Companies are increasingly being asked to do more with less. Structuring and organizing for growth, finding and developing the right people, and enabling them to maximize their abilities and discover their intrinsic motivators is an ongoing struggle. We support leadership in creating and nurturing a highly motivated, performance-focused, and accountable sales force committed to being consistent with their habits and relationship intelligence. Our approach focuses on defining improvements, identifying key enablers, and executing change when companies are facing challenges like:

  • Unable to achieve a breakthrough and begin growing again
  • Seeing incremental improvements when trying to utilize internal solutions
  • Experiencing declining revenue and profitability.
  • Making more substantive improvements in the areas that are under-performing

Culture Assessment, Strategy & Development

Simply put, company culture is the set of behaviors that determine both how and why things get done at your organization. An organization’s culture includes its vision, values, norms, systems, assumptions, beliefs, and habits. To facilitate change, the focus needs to be on leadership mindset and desired behaviors. At MindsetGo, we train organizational leaders to coach and model using alignment tools like mission, vision, strategic behaviors, and leadership traits. This approach motivates people to act by defining the behaviors they want, providing training on those behaviors, and then reinforcing those behaviors. Identify and support the culture you want and ensure everybody consistently demonstrates those behaviors. Let us help you define, improve and model your company culture to intentionally and continually improve your work environment, employee engagement, and bottom-line results.


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hr communication support services

Losing key employees and trying to replace them is time-consuming, costly, and negatively impacts engagement and company culture as a whole. Many leaders face tough conversations with some employees, but progressive intervention should restore employees to expected organizational standards. Whether it be attitude changes, persistent errors, missed meetings, or creating conflict, learning communication intelligence will help the bottom line in the short and long-term.

  • Onboarding new employees and advancing leaders
  • Learning and Development
  • Hiring and Advancing Stages
  • Employee Pulse Surveys and Analysis
  • Stay and Exit Interviews
  • Performance and 360 Reviews

Strategic planning, board retreats & execution

How effective is your strategic planning process? How effective is your organization at executing on strategy? Most leaders say they aren’t fully implementing enough of what they know they should. MindsetGo facilitates an execution and alignment process that provides a framework to more fully sustain and scale your strategic objectives.

  • Employee Adoption: Policies, Vision & Change
  • Employee Retention & Engagement
  • Change Leadership and Facilitation
  • Leadership Assessment, Selection, Succession, and Development
  • Training & Coaching

Process review, improvement & creation

Is everyone in the organization crystal clear about what is expected of them and what “success” looks like in their role? Does everyone know how they are performing to plan at any given time? Setting clear goals that align expectations, outcomes, and accountability is the first step in the effective communication, management, and execution of goals.


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