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Shifting mindsets and habits for lasting change

What is MindsetWellness?

The Great Resignation is causing organizations to reexamine how to keep their employees happy, healthy, engaged, and productive.

Traditional wellness programs focus on nutrition, exercise, sleep, and lifestyle habits – all important components of physical fitness – but miss an equally important part of health and happiness: mental fitness.

Mental fitness is a state of well-being and having a positive sense of how we feel, think, and act.

MindsetGo’s customizable, holistic wellness program, MindsetWellness, addresses the core components of both physical and mental fitness through our signature Mind-Voice-Heart-Body framework to help employees achieve optimal wellbeing.

Our Signature System


Understand why you are stuck (limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, and fears holding you back) and shift your mindset to feel empowered to change.


Leverage both your inner and outer voice to build confidence and motivation, advocate for yourself, set boundaries, and manage expectations.


Develop emotional intelligence to practice curiosity, lead with empathy, respond rather than react, and recognize your sphere of influence.


Make changes to your physical wellbeing (fitness, nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle habits) after learning mind-voice-heart skills, so you are motivated and equipped to sustain new habits.

What’s Missing in Employee Wellness Programs

Picture this: you’re the HR Director of a PR firm and you have two employees, Anthony and Joanne, who have been struggling with their performance.

They both seem burned out, exhausted, and disengaged from their work, and you’re not sure what do, but you care about them, and your department needs their contributions, so you think, “Aha! What about an employee wellness program?”

So you bring in a company to do a two-hour workshop on stress reduction, and you offer a weekly yoga series for a couple months, and you even engage a nutritionist to counsel your team on their eating habits. You send out a couple emails to let your employees know about the new programming, cross your fingers, and hope it does the trick.

But we all know how this story ends – nothing changes. Anthony and Joanne continue to produce subpar results, and you can see the fatigue on their faces day in and day out, and now you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed because your solution – investing in employee wellness – had little to no impact.

Where are companies missing the mark? At MindsetGo, our experience tells us companies struggle with three things when building a successful wellness program.

#1: Companies provide solutions without understanding the root cause of problems.

Both Anthony and Joanne appear to have the same problem: burnout. But as it turns out, Anthony has been up late every night answering emails – even though the company never explicitly set that expectation – and is exhausted from feeling always on. Joanne, on the other hand, is struggling to stay organized and feels overwhelmed by additional work she’s recently taken on.

The stress reduction workshop, yoga, and nutrition might have been the best programs in the world – but they didn’t produce the results you were hoping for, because they were solving for the wrong problems.

Often, companies apply a one-size fits all solution without understanding the root cause of each person’s symptoms – burnout, exhaustion, disengagement, etc. At MindsetGo, we get to the root causes of employee wellness challenges so we can provide the right solutions to the right problems.

#2: Companies lack effective engagement strategies to get employees bought in to their wellness programs.

Let’s assume for a moment that you did get to the root cause of your employees’ challenges, and you discerned which wellness offerings would be most impactful for your team. When you send out that email sharing the new programming, most employees have three thoughts:

  • I don’t have time for this.
  • How will this help?
  • I’ve already tried this.

Without a compelling engagement strategy, employees are unlikely to participate or sustain interest in wellness offerings.

Our customized Employee Wellness Needs Assessment and Accountability Surveys ensure employees’ needs and wants are factored into and prioritized during program planning. We also create written and verbal adoption strategies and campaigns to get employees motivated and energized to participate. Finally, we identify and understand what hasn’t worked for your team in the past, so we don’t repeat the same mistakes.

#3: Companies fail to provide ongoing support and accountability, so people begin and sustain habit change.

Anthony needed some help creating boundaries around work and home, and Joanne needed systems and strategies for staying organized and on top of responsibilities. Again, let’s say you provided workshops targeting these needs – great!

But you check in with Anthony and Joanne a month later to see how things are going, and sure enough, they’ve fallen back into their old habits.

Habit change is hard – think about the last time you tried to change one of your own habits. But information without implementation does not get results. At MindsetGo, we offer ongoing support to help employees build and sustain lasting behavior change through:

  • Accountability Partners
  • Reinforcement Tools
  • Environmental Anchors
  • Habit Stacking
  • Continuous Learning
  • Regular Feedback

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Our Services

Our MindsetWellness consulting, coaching, and training services are designed to improve employee health and happiness resulting in improved productivity, increased engagement, decreased stress, and better work-life balance. Services can be customized by duration, budget, time of day, and topic selection. We offer clients the following menu of services depending on need and budget.

Wellness Program Design Consulting

All engagements begin with discovery. Through interviews with key stakeholders, custom assessments, and a review of business goals and desired outcomes, we have a clear understanding of our clients’ challenges, goals, wants, and needs, specific to their own population and culture. Our process analyzes the gap between where your organization is, where you want it to be, and how to achieve your goals and objectives.

Employee Wellness Needs Assessment

Our Employee Wellness Needs Assessment is a confidential questionnaire, approximately 15 questions, delivered via Survey Monkey that asks thought-provoking and open-ended questions to get to the heart of what really matters to your employees. We analyze the results and coupled with the discovery phase, we present our recommended programming options.

This assessment is used to accomplish three things:

1 Uncover the primary challenges and the correlating root causes that are impacting performance and well-being.

2 Articulate what would motivate employees to seek support and what they see as the consequences if they don’t.

3 Empower your employees in a safe venue to advocate for what they want and need, be heard, and articulate how they envision getting from their present state to their desired state.

Accountability Surveys/Aggregate Reporting

Throughout the duration of the MindsetWellness program, we implement accountability surveys to gauge each individual’s progress, areas they still need additional support, and to know how to pivot depending on how needs are evolving through simple and aggregate reporting.

Additional consulting services include:

  • Performance Management & Accountability
  • Culture Assessment, Strategy, & Development
  • HR Communication & Support
  • Adoption Policies, Vision, & Change
  • Employee Engagement & Retention

Wellness Coaching

Our team of coaches provide small group, one-to-one, and laser wellness coaching to help employees up-level their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, so they can stay productive, happy, engaged, resilient, and healthy.

Wellness Coaching Offerings

  • Small Group – 5-20 people are grouped together to get additional support as a complement to wellness training topics, or because they have specific and common goals and habits to work on.
  • One-to-One Coaching – Clients work individually with a coach as a complement to wellness training topics because they prefer individual coaching, and/or to focus on specific goals and habits.
  • Laser Coaching – 20-minute problem-solving sessions to support your employees in between training and coaching sessions. Used to address barriers, problem solve, provide accountability, check on progress, and keep people moving forward etc.

Our coaching programs are specifically designed to provide each participant:

  • The space to speak your truth, address challenges, and build confidence and momentum.
  • The opportunity to identify behaviors that may be holding you back and experiment with new behaviors that better serve you.
  • The right system, solutions, and accountability to track and reach goals.

Wellness Training Programs

Group programs are delivered by coaches, facilitators, and health experts, virtually or in-person, via 45/60/90-minute training sessions, including 4 core themes in every program:

  • Removing barriers to create progress
  • Habit replacement and motivation
  • Experiential learning and situational awareness
  • Accountability through continuous learning

Wellness Technology Platform

We deliver and manage a Digital Employee Wellness Platform that provides everyone with their own on-demand wellness hub in areas of nutrition, fitness, and stress management. It allows each employee the flexibility to engage on their own time and addresses the mind, body, spirit, and nutrition components of your wellness program. This convenient platform includes cooking demos, recipes, nutrition tips/classes, a diverse array of fitness classes, meditations, and stress management strategies.

We facilitate and oversee the marketing campaign to promote the platform and provide monthly reporting to track your population’s engagement and performance.

Features include:

  • Ability for businesses to customize the experience for their members
  • Fully compliant, secure platform
  • Basic to advanced classes, with tutorials
  • Channels offering fitness, mindfulness, and nutrition
  • Goal-based programs and challenges
  • Recipes with shopping lists and cooking demos
  • Customizable Wellness Challenges

Chatbot Program: Healthy Text Messages

The Chatbot program supplements our MindsetWellness program and is designed to deliver small doses of health tips and guidance directly to the user’s cell phone. Because making sustainable, positive behavior changes can be difficult for many, our Chatbot is a helpful tool to enhance member engagement and motivation in their own health and wellbeing.

  • Our healthy-living Chatbot provides an automated, low-cost coaching and guidance option that provides frequent touchpoints.
  • The interactive messages are designed to engage the user and promote positive, incremental behavior change over time.
  • This digital tool is designed to provide healthy living tips with a focus on Mind, Nutrition, Exercise, and Sleep to encompass a holistic approach to wellness.

We work closely with your management and administrative teams to develop the most engaging programs that suit your company culture and align with your values. Our programs are designed to up-level your employees through consulting, coaching, and training to achieve optimal work life balance. We help your employees build the skill sets, tool sets, and mindsets needed for change, and our programs focus on:

  • Nutrition, fitness, and self-care
  • Motivation and Habit change
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mental health
  • Stress management / burnout prevention
  • Confidence & resiliency
  • Communication, boundaries, & prioritization

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Areas of Focus for All Coaching and Training Programs


We help employees understand why they are stuck (limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, and fears that are holding them back) and shift their mindsets to feel empowered to change. They learn how to influence thoughts, feelings, and actions to strengthen commitments that support organizational change. Our expertise includes working with all levels of leadership, teams, individuals, parents, and athletes as performance consultants focused on long-term success.

Examples of Group Training Topics

  • Manage Yourself
  • Stress Reduction and Management
  • Time and Attention Management
  • Overcoming Fear and Setbacks
  • Decision Making
  • Confidence and Belief


We help employees shift both their inner and outer voice to advocate for themselves, set boundaries, and manage expectations.

By learning how to manage yourself more, you remove barriers and excuses and communicate more effectively internally and externally.

Examples of Group Training Topics

  • Setting and Managing Expectations
  • Self-Advocacy and Creating Boundaries
  • Bounce Forward Resiliency
  • Assertiveness through Courageous Conversations
  • Emotionally Intelligent Communication
  • Conflict Prevention, Management, and Resolution
  • Team Building


We help employees practice curiosity and empathy (for both themselves and others), respond rather than react, and recognize and act on things within their control and sphere of influence.

Our programs are designed to help employees and leaders more effectively:

  • Cope with stress, remain calm, lower risks for medical problems, manage emotions, guard against burnout, and remain productive and efficient
  • Motivate others, and deliver positive outcomes for better critical thinking, personal management, work presence, and team relationships

Examples of Group Training Topics

  • Managing Your Emotions
  • Self-Awareness and Blind Spots
  • Embracing and Adapting to Change
  • Empathy and Accountability
  • Emotionally Intelligent Communication
  • Motivation and Habit Change


We help employees make changes to their physical wellbeing (fitness, nutrition, sleep, etc.) only after empowering them with mind-voice-heart skills, so that they understand their motivations for following through on changes that are important to them.

Physical health is directly connected to our mental capacity, endurance, and happiness.

Our services focus on healthy lifestyle habits to support endurance and long-term health of your valued employees, delivered by our team of wellness coaches and registered dietitians.

Examples of Group Training Topics

  • Essential Nutrition for Energy and Resilience
  • Fitness Motivation
  • Self-Care
  • Immunity Building and Strengthening
  • Sleep Habits

Much of a company’s strength and success depends on their valued employees.

By providing a compassionate and healthy environment, you are giving your employees the opportunity to perform at their highest level, and you are helping them continue to make your business thrive.

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