Body Mind Bottom Line…Keeping the End in Mind

Lack of awareness towards wellness can consume more than half of a company’s profits in worker compensations due to illnesses, absenteeism, unproductive mindset, etc.

Why Wellness?

When individuals discover a deep-rooted purpose for why they do what they do, they are more likely to take action and find sustained wellbeing and engage with their jobs. This is the idea behind Body Mind Bottom Line; to help your employees better connect with their goals and strategies; breaking through what’s holding them back.  Our passion lies in preventive maintenance. We create high performing cultures by dialing into what derails our success and fix problems instead of applying bandages.

MindsetGo trainers go beyond traditional coaching and training so employees can easily and effectively incorporate mental, physical, and emotional well-being into their personal and professional life. Using a workshop format, our training provides participants with easy, practical, self-administered tools to re-frame their thought processes and empower them toward creating a happier, more productive way of life.  Our approach to training creates a core value of learning and inspires people to want more.  We sustain engagement through social interaction, challenges, incentives, and outcomes.

Service Offerings

  • Training Programs

  • Coaching Company Leaders

  • Health and Wellness Education

  • Kickoff Wellness Program

  • Pain Clinics

  • Parenting Workshops

  • Family Support Coaching

Wellness for Companies
Wellness for Families
Parenting Workshops