As the strategic sounding board for organizations that need an outside voice, MindsetGo works seamlessly with internal sales teams and departments as well as with external advisors to facilitate rapid improvement. Options include reviewing recordings of actual sales calls, value discovery sessions, ‘secret shopper’ interactions to identify where coaching opportunities exist, sales skill assessments, and more.

Each participant-centered coaching session provides participants with the knowledge, tools, and skills to leverage opportunities with current customers, overcome buyer inaction, and stop sounding like everybody else! Through role-playing actual situations, hands-on application-based learning, and practice, we prepare your entire organization to establish an unfair competitive advantage that actively engages prospects and creates a more qualified pipeline.

MindsetGo provides open forums to work on any selling, closing, prospecting or other item below:

SALES LEADERSHIP COACHING:  Drive results and overcome resistance/adversity through assertiveness

  • Establish and model a culture of accountability for success and failure
  • Use influence principle of authority to engender loyalty and trust
  • Build relationships based on open dialogue, trust, and full transparency
  • Engage in decision-making processes based on productivity rather than politics
  • Give, receive, and initiate feedback
  • Understand your personality and sales management style
  • Identify weaknesses within the team and get to the root of problems
  • Establish individual and team goals
  • Assess and adapt to selling styles of your team
  • Review, evaluate, motivate, and engage sales team members
  • Coach and evaluate calls


  • Field Sales Appt Training
  • Process review, evaluation, improvement
  • Building Rapport & C-Level Relationships
  • Consultative Prospecting and Closing
  • Asking & Listening
  • Individual & Competitive Differentiation
  • Storytelling and Presentation
  • Motivation and Mindset
  • Confidence and Resiliency
  • Influencing Politics & Group Decision Making
  • Intuition and Reading Body Language
  • Maintaining Control: Handling Tough Objections
  • Negotiation, Budget & Discounts
  • Follow-Up & Re-Engagement
  • Phone, Email & Virtual Communication

Public speaking

The fear of speaking is rated as only second to fear of snakes and before the fear of dying. The reason most people get anxious when presenting to a group is that they are afraid of being embarrassed in front of many of their peers or important people.

Being a strong presenter can enhance your reputation, boost your self-confidence, and open countless opportunities. While good skills can open doors, poor ones can close them, stall your career progression, and destroy your confidence. An inability to connect with or fail to engage an audience negatively impacts how people perceive your credibility, knowledge, and competence.

Mark develops your natural strengths – voice, energy, wit, mental agility, intensity, and warmth. He then orchestrates those strengths so you experience a dramatic improvement. You will notice see noticeable enhancements in your ability to project leadership skills, interview effectively, sell your ideas as an entrepreneur, influence others, and build your referral network successfully.

  • Develop Your Personal Style
  • Create action through persuasion and influence
  • Add passion and emotion to your presentation
  • Transition from inform to influence
  • Increase your overall effectiveness for all types of speaking
  • Read the room
  • Discovery: Identify fears around conference group presentations, public speaking, on camera
  • Storytelling: Organize thoughts by confirming the message, determining anecdotes, questions, and efficient messaging
  • Connect with your audience through – eye contact, first impression, voice projection, speaking clearly, rhythm and pattern of delivery

Career Development

We provide a comprehensive and tailored approach for those entering the workforce, seeking a better professional “fit”, re-entering the workforce, or searching for a more fulfilling career. Whether you feel unprepared, worried or you simply need direction, take advantage of the support we offer individuals at all levels and stages of their career. Our success lies in identifying and leveraging where your passion and skills intersect.

At work you often face: Boredom. Politics. Work-Life Balance. Unrealistic Company Expectations. No Advancement. Pay issues. Layoffs. Some of us who’ve begun in a certain career track believe that we’re stuck in that discipline, industry, or job structure. Others believe we should be happy in the same job, indefinitely. But we change and grow, just like everything else around us. The job that was a great “fit” 5 or 10 years ago might not suit our needs now.

Create a sense of purpose and set priorities and create a sense of purpose through discovery, professional development, personal growth, transition into the workplace, and more to become more passionate about what you do.

Ideal for

  • High School Students
  • College Seniors or Recent Graduates
  • Unemployed or Underemployed
  • Seeking career transition
  • Not engaged at their current job
  • Ready to return to the workforce
  • Approaching a life transition


Excel at verbal, active listening, and visual communication techniques to differentiate yourself from other candidates. We specialize in helping current students/new grads, and first-time interview and job-seekers who need to improve existing skills and develop new ones. Our coaching consultation includes a simulated role-play of an actual situation/scenario you have struggled with.


  • Differentiate yourself from other applicants
  • Proactively utilize your skills, characteristics and traits through anecdotal evidence
  • How to project confidence, communicate effectively, & eliminate nervousness
  • How to answer behavioral, situational, and technical questions
  • Manage, Recognize, Interpret and Respond to Non-Verbal Behaviors


  • Phone Interviews
  • Online/Skype Interviews
  • In-Person Interviews
  • Group Interviews
  • Successive Same-Day Interviews
  • Effective de-briefing and follow-up


Our networking coaching will enhance your ability to create new relationships, influence existing ones, and build trust through advanced conversation skills. Using comprehensive networking simulations, participants finish the coaching program with a newfound confidence and knowledge to ask the right questions, excel at relationship-building, and grow your professional network.

Our coaching philosophy prioritizes a collaboration with you in a thought-provoking and interactive process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. We focus on shifting mindsets, replacing habits, creating outcomes, and managing personal change. These ingredients will help you further your career, acquire more growth opportunities via referrals, and build your personal brand.


  • Introducing yourself effectively; verbally, visually, and in writing
  • Creating curiosity about what you do and how you do it
  • Demonstrating your beliefs, values and abilities
  • Changing, clarifying, creating the perceptions you seek
  • Influence to inspire action
  • Strategize where to best invest your time in networking
  • Learn body language strategies for success
  • Establish trust and build credibility verbally and virtually
  • Differentiate yourself from industry competitors
  • Be a memorable storyteller
  • Articulate your relevance in the marketplace
  • Increase your visibility and social capital

NETWORKING TOOLKIT: Develop all the components to make it easy for your referral partners

  •  Top 10
  • Referral Partner one sheet – includes customer trigger points
  • Selling points, process script and guide to easily talk about your service/business
  • Email and LinkedIn templates


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